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    Default #2 Experience, and question!

    Hey, as a few would know i had the chance to purchase some Molicares. I was so curious, so i tried #2.

    What a bad idea

    I had forgot i went to the toilet for a #2 the same day, so the second one was just horrible. For some odd reason, the poo was very sticky. Maybe because something bad i ate, im not sure. It was horrible! It was stuck to hairs down there It took 4 showers to get it all off!

    Ok, so the question. How do you shave down there? :s Just cut it? and how would you see what your doing?


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    Just kinda run a razor all around your butt, without cutting yourself of course...

    Before you wash it off with water between swipes (whatever you wanna call it..) look at the razor.. When you stop seeing hair, your butt is clean. ^_^

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    Have you seen this thread:

    You might find it useful.

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    I tend to get my roommate or one of my AB friends to help me >.>

    Tried the razor thing ...wayyy to easy to cut yourself. Just use a buzz clippers. Gets it very very short...and fairly smooth. (can also do it yourself fairly easily..without worrying about cutting yourself)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elli View Post
    Have you seen this thread:

    You might find it useful.
    Thank you Elli to the rescue

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    You definitely have to shave down there if you are going to do this. Otherwise, it is totally pointless and the cleanup is way too much (It's obviously already hard to begin with). Definitely check out some of the other threads on this forum about shaving down there.

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    I trim it with scissors, then use an electric razor (I don't own a manual one). It doesn't make the skin "baby-smooth," but it's better than having a lot of hair down there. I don't go #2 as much as I used to; I just think it's more comfortable shaven. Anyway, be careful, last time I managed to cut myself pretty nastily down there. It went away, but blood was gushing out like a bloody nose. x.x

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    Even if you are a forest down there 1 shower should do. Just standing under the shower head won't get you clean, you need to wash yourself. As far as removing the hair from your behind Nair like products work well if you are careful. Just do not get it on "the boys" or in "the hole." Also you can use clipper to trim the bulk of it of then you a razor to get the rest. This will take some time to master. Also if you are using a razor don't try and get it all at once. Multiple passed over the same area with a razor will burn sensitive skin that is not used to it. Go slow and don't push down on the razor.
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    Easiest way to clean up after messing? Find someone else to clean that up for you

    But yeah, you don't want to mess your diaper when you're particularly hairy in the area - it makes clean up harder, and the smell sticks to the hairs as well.


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