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Thread: Furry or Babyfur Avatar Creator???

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    Default Furry or Babyfur Avatar Creator???

    Does anyone know of a good furry or even better a babyfur or furry avatar creator that has diapers? I found 2 websites with creators but they are not very good, and don't have diapers. any help? thanks!

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    are you looking for someone to draw a avatar for you or just looking for a site to find a pic u want to use?

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    I'm still really new to the whole ab/dl and furry scene, but I think furries are awesome, and it would be really cool to have a custom furry avatar for my profile. I'm not any good at drawing really so I was just wondering if there are any good sites out there that anyone knows about. Thanks

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    Aidankid is really good. He did mine.

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    jsut a bit of a plug for my furend here but

    Komic krazi Studios: Art and costuming

    she does very good work both pictures and suits. she has done a bunch of commissions for me aswell as my suit, (the avatar pic on the side she drew for me, that's going to be tattooed on my back soon)

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