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    Seriously...why do kids post pictures on their myspace and facebook accounts of them drinking and doing drugs? Don't they realize that they could get fucked over for their future jobs? Not only that, but if they ever decide to run for public office, that could re surface and massacre them in an election. Oh well, just a rant of mine. Watch what you post online.

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    The media were going on about that here quite a while back. About how employers are searching up interviewees and potential employees on Facebook and MySpace, and basically using their profiles as background checks. It's not just young people though, really. I would guess it would be more risky for those aged 18+... especially now that the likes of Bebo, Facebook and Myspace have these privacy things that they "highly recommend" younger users use - for a totally different reason of course - and those over 18 don't tend to hide their profile from public viewing.

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    My cousin did something simillar:

    He had got arrested for one night, because of underage drinking and intoxication. He also got kicked out of his college dorm, because of it. My mom found this out via his Facebook, where he posted this information with pride, along with drunken photos.

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    haha I have pics like that up.

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    Well, posting pictures of yourself doing something illegal on a public website is just stupid. I don't think anyone will argue with that. However, I think people take the whole thing a little too far. It's fine to have pictures of yourself out having a social life and doing things.. even if some of them are silly. I think it'd be seen as a good thing that you have social skills.. as long as it's not like you're holding a beer in every picture or something, haha.

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    Dude..I have to give my 2 cents on this one.

    At what point does this shit become an issue to you?

    On my PRIVATE myspace i have a PRIVATE album and a PRIVATE PROFILE.

    This means (GASP!) that only good buddys and selective family can see the crud!

    I'm pretty positive this isn't detrimental to my school/job situation.

    actually, I think you're a sad case/ are you anti fun or something? I mean, you seem to only post about how fantastic and wealthy your life will be in the future and how immature and stupid kids are for having some fun every once in a while.

    Goddammit you arrogant asshole! I apologize for enjoying life! Penalize me for not sitting on my asshole reading celebrity living and fixing up get rich quick schemes all day!

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    Well its the truth though, i mean come on you can't screw around with stuff like this
    Who cares if it's on your private myspace? It won't matter when you've got a D.U.I and a police record. This stuff can mess you over in a big way . . . it all comes back to haunt you

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    But a potential employer who stumbles across something marked "private" may be inclined to wonder why such is marked "private". It's only "private" if you have something to hide, afterall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markdude84 View Post
    But a potential employer who stumbles across something marked "private" may be inclined to wonder why such is marked "private". It's only "private" if you have something to hide, afterall.
    Interesting point, markdude.

    God forbid you're having some fun on the weekend.

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