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    Hi Everyone-

    I am so glad to have found this community. It should be great to have a connection with others like me!

    About me. I am in school for nursing, and I hope to graduate in 2 years with a BSN. I am 26 years old.

    I love to ride horses (though not diapered then). I ride arabians and work at a barn. I usually get along really well with the crabby, pushy mares with an attitude which is just what most people hate. I get them, and can make them work well for me... lol. Currently I am riding a lot of Western Pleasure and some hunt. I want to expand my skills to reining and saddleseat in the near future. The horses take up a great portion of my spare time.

    Other than horses, I like to read. I'll read about anything. I am currently reading a lot of non fiction books.

    I love to spend time with my family and friends. The people I really like to spend time with are usually fun loving and have an overdeveloped sense of humor. I enjoy people who aren't afraid to be silly.

    As far as diapers, my interest goes way back into early childhood. I actually didn't start out with diapers, I began by sucking my thumb. I like the security of being in my bed, with a stuffed animal, a wet diaper, and blanket and sucking my thumb. There is nothing more comforting and serene to me. Oftentimes if I just lay down on my bed for a minute like that I end up falling asleep because I am so relaxed.

    I have something called Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), which is commonly a piece of Autism, although I am not autistic. I think that plays a role in the things that I desire because the SPD can cause me to be a bit high strung and easily stressed. Also, I seek oral stimulation and tight clothing, so the thumb and the diaper feel really nice with that.

    I think that is about it...

    Best Wishes, and looking forward to meeting everyone.


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    Welcome to another (soon to be) nurse. I have my MSN, but am not practicing right now because I moved overseas from the US to Norway, and my license is not valid here. No reciprocity for US nurses either. It sucks, but I am also told nurses in Norway have a much narrower scope of practice than in the US. As an ER nurse, that would feel pretty restrictive to practice. So I will wait until I am back in the US and start practicing again. Hopefully that will happen before my current license expires in 2011.

    Enough about me (sorry.) Excellent introduction. I think you will find the site an excellent resource for many subjects, not just the diaper thing. Hope to see you around!

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    I was going to say we have other nurses or people in the medical field, no doctors I am aware of, but a therapy student here, a technician there; you already met another nursing type.

    We have riders and hunters too: and at least one other equinophile.

    Your relationship to diapers is also commonly shared.

    Your take on SPD would be interesting to hear, and more info about the disorder. We have an Asberger's thread or two...

    Anyway: here is my random greetings thread image:
    Fuzzy llama, diapered llama, llama llama duck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
    I was going to say we have other nurses or people in the medical field, no doctors I am aware of, but a therapy student here, a technician there; you already met another nursing type.
    I'm in medschool, atm (Just started this week). I know, I'm a little young for medschool, but I'm doing pretty well

    Also... Luvlee, welcome to ADISC. I hope you have a great time, like I have and get to know yourself better over time.
    As raccoon said, I'm sure we would all like to know more about this rather obscure condition of yours. I did some research of my own and as it turns out, this condition is not a universally accepted medical diagnosis (as the page says, lol), but I know that doesn't make it less real than it is. I'm happy to know you are getting to cope with your condition through harmless methods like diapers [or infantile behavior as a whole].

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    Thanks for sharing. You are living out one dream of mine that I don't think will ever happen, being able to work with horses and ride them they way they should be rode, not on a trail following each other.

    I am glad you have found security in sucking your thumb and wearing tight diapers. There isn't anything better than the safe secure feeling we get once we accept it.

    Pray you pass all your nursing classes. If you show your patients the same love you show your horses, I know you will be a great nurse.

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    Welcome aboard!

    Great intro. I can relate to a lot of it, especially the SPD part, but for me it all started with the diapers. I have since expanded it to include a pacifier, a bottle, and a few other things. I don't have a stuffed rabbit that I sleep with, but I do have a favorite teddy.

    Make yourself at home here, and look into joining some of the social groups on here, such as the 'learning Disabilities Group' or the 'Autism Spectrum' group. Feel free to message me at any time, always here to help .

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    Hi hi! Fellow noobie here! I sure hope you make lots of friends! And you seem interesting. I'm going to work in the healthcare field too, but in psychology. (Woohoo!)

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    Hey all, I am trying to figure this out, but I promise to answer you!

    Closet dl-
    I lived in Norway for a time too. I loved it over there. Thank you for your support.
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