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Thread: woot fresh meat :3

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    Default woot fresh meat :3

    hey, i'll keep this short. im senri, and i am a female wolf babyfur. i love roleplaying and i am hoping to get a fursuit in the near future.

    if ya wanna talk, hit me up.
    take care everyone

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    I have friends in Saskatoon, actually. The beautiful city of bridges. Was going to visit them next summer.

    Hope you enjoy your stay!

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    Hello... and uh... yeah. Goodluck getting a fursuit. I have one and I love it greatly. Anyway, enjoy yourself and stuff.

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    thanks everyone for the warm welcome, i apologise, but i put more info in the new person forum. little info, i should have mentioned, Senri is a female babyfur, I am a male with senri as my fursona >.<


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    Hi! I'm Jeffy :3 I'm a baby-blue baby fox!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffy View Post
    Hi! I'm Jeffy :3 I'm a baby-blue baby fox!
    *Jumps on Jeffy* "Heya! I'm Xane, but my babyfur is Max! Jeffy's my cool lil' bro!"

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    well, it is a pleasure to meet the both of you, hope to see you around here ^_^

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    Hello..nice to meat ya Senri *abit nervouse*

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