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Thread: Bambinos critique

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    Default Bambinos critique

    Just curious - am I the only one that doesn't like the Bambinos "tape landing" on the front of the diaper? I know it serves a purpose and all (so the tapes wont rip the plastic) but I just dont like it.

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    Yeah, I'm not too big of a fan of it, it's kinda stiff.

    But it still looks cute ^.^

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    Personally I think it's great. The tapes almost never come undone and you can refasten them many times. There are few diapers for which this can be said .

    Look-wise, I think it's fine, but I'd like to see an updated print on the classico.

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    I love the landing zone. There are plenty of diapers without them.

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    At first I didn't like how thick the landing strip was. Now I don't mind since it makes the diaper more durable and the few times I need to refasten, it works well.

    The strip also helps me for consistent tab placement. I always know the best spot to place them based on the strip.

    My critique is that I always have to trim the inside of the leg on the rear - below the tapes. It's just a flappy piece of plastic that makes more noise than I like.

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    if you have an issue don't use babinos is what i say i mean through the testing that others have put them through it seems to work better.

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    I love them because i think i remember diapers when I was a baby looking like that. though i cant remember being in them but oh well. I like bambinos.

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    As previously noted, the landing zone does serve a purpose. And frankly, I much prefer this method, with its almost limitless refastening, than that of Abena or Molicare. I can never seem to get a diaper taped just right on the first try, and with those other two you can pretty much set it and thats it.

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    As many others have said... the "landing zone" does its job quite well. The Secure/Bambino line are the only plastic diapers I know of that can be refastened multiple times. Most other brands are once and done.

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    I hate the way it looks/feels, but it really does the job well. (one of the many reason which make bambinos superior)

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