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Thread: Would it creep you out if your mother was a DL/AB?

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    Little ollie

    Default Would it creep you out if your mother was a DL/AB?

    This question recently came up at a meet so I thought I would make a poll about it to see what everyone thinks.

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    I don't think I should answer "yes" on this one because although it would indeed creep me out initially, as long as it wasn't an in-my-face kind of thing, I'd get over it. Maybe shock is a more appropriate answer than creeping out, really. Mother or father, I don't see it as a fundamental change in who they are to me, it would just take a little bit to make that adjustment in my own mind.

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    Hypothectical speaking I would really only be a bit shocked, though I don't think it would creep me out. There may be a sexual side to it but there's also the side that likes it for emotional reasons as well.

    Tat all said, neither my mom or dad are DL's or AB's themselves. If they were I would think they would of told me when I told them I was one myself. So far there's no sign of any other family member of mine being one.

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    my mom allready sometimes sleeps with a big teddybear on lonely nights... so nah, it wouldn't.

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    No, if you answered yes to this question you are most likely a hypocrite.

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    Little ollie


    Quote Originally Posted by Dolphins2011 View Post
    No, if you answered yes to this question you are most likely a hypocrite.
    I disagree with you quite a lot there. Personally it would creep me out a lot, not beaucse of what it is but beacuse it my mom which would freak me out. Its simlar to thinking of your mom and dad having sex which creeps most people out to think about. I wouldn't want to think of my mum everytime I put a diaper on. Noo I now have bad mental images.

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    As when I brought this up, no, not at all. I'd understand it's as much a part of them as it is a part of me.

    If they so chose this lifestyle, it'd be a "Oh...Okay" kinda thing for me because I respect my parents enough to let them live life how they please as they do the same for me.

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    Probably not. It would probably be a bit awkward to know, but not really creepy. Just as long as she keeps it discreet and stuff.

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    I would never ask and wouldn't ever want to know.

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    I voted yes considering after raising two sons she is a nanny for a family in the richer part of town. Definitely the glue of the family and somehow acheives way more than the rest of the guys in this house when it comes to day to day chores. She's a mother through and through so yeah I'd be very shocked if she did have any bizzare habits.

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