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    OK... I have not been able to fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning for about two months now... I have no idea why, but my sleep schedule is pretty much fucked... I pulled my sixth all nighter in two weeks today and frankly, I'm getting sick of sleeping through the whole day... I've tried sleeping pills and they did nothing... any other suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated

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    i do sleeping pills and an ocean cd
    after my hot shower
    before i shower i workout

    i have som kind of chemical imbalance issue in my family, so i see where your coming frmo. The best thing to do is get a routine.

    This may be easier for you because of the site your on... but get a comfort object. A blankie, a bear, a stuffed puppy....and only hold or cuddle it during the night. Overtime youll associate it with sleep and when you hold it youll get sleepy

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    The best thing you can do is NOT sleep through the day, Even fi you stay awake all night, force yourself to not sleep during the day.

    Teenagers actually don't produce the hormone/chemical that makes you feel tired or go to sleep until much later than younger and older people, so that already puts you naturally out of synch.

    What sort of sleeping pills did you have? Were they prescription ones?

    Doctors often prescribe two types of tablets to people with insomnia. The first are ordinary tablets which just to happen to have a very high rate of drowsiness as a side effect. Often doctors will prescribe a tiny dose of an antidepressant with this side effect, and this will make you sleep easier.

    If this does't work however, then they'll probably go on to prescribe you real sleeping tablets. Now because these are so addictive, and cannot be taken with alcohol and a number of other medications these are a last resort. They tell you to NOT take them everynight, and rather to use one to get yourself back into a routine.

    So yeh, go back to your doc and ask him/her to reconsider whatever they've given you.

    But the best thing I can recommend is just not sleeping during the day. I know it's really hard, but it will get you back into a normal sleeping routine.

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    OTC drugs in the Uk are not going to help you if you have a proper sleeping problem. Get to your doctors and ask him/her what to do about it. If it's a proper problem, and not just you sleeping during the day so therefor can't sleep at night, then they'll do something about it. Just try not to be sent to the sleep therapy thing I did. It's was crazy!!

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    What you need to do is reset you internal clock, you need to do something for a whole day that makes you tired, and then go to bed at your normal hour.

    Get up early and do something like work in the yard, exercise etc, I found walking 4 miles everyday gets you tired enough to fall asleep but you need to do this everyday untill your sleep cycle returns to normal.

    The only way I can sleep is with a TV set on, I put on a boreing movie like on TCM without interuptions and I fall off to sleep

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    I never go to sleep before the sun rises. Maybe you're just nocturnal. Insomnia is more of not being able to fall asleep, not just an oddball 'schedule', plus you say you're sleeping through the day.

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    Well, without medication, sometimes that's just how things are going to be. In my case, sleeping pills OTC + Rx don't work. I just find it easier to sleep in the morning.

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