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    That I feel sad thinking that I get to see my best friends one more time and then they are gone for a whole year? The thing that I fear most is that they will come back so different and may not come back at all...they may think that they are "too cool" for this anymore or may get relationships and forget about their vacation place.

    I may just be a little depressed, but should I feel like this? Has anyone else ever felt this way?

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    Once one of my friends told me he was moving to central oregon (springville). So I rode my bike over to his house and his dad told me he left on a bus the night before. I got back in contact with him again by getting his new number from his pop's. Anyways one summer at my mom's on the coast of Oregon I found a round trip ride to springville for like 4 days. So I stayed at his and his mom's apartment that whole time and when we said our good byes I said this will most likely be our last time seeing each other. He said that isn't true but since then I haven't seen him since and the only piece of paper I had his number on accidentally got washed.

    So yeah, losing a friend for a year or forever sucks balls, and yes you have a right to feel that way. I HATE losing friends due to moving or just simple betrayal and it always hurts.

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    I mean i fear that they will be so different and it will just collapse from there... I just wants us all to be together forever

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    Yes I have a friend I havn't seen in two years but he called earlier today and everything was cool. So my advice don't worry about if they don't like you. That means they wernt true friends. Sorry if that was mean.

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    I never kept in touch with anyone from school at all, I did see them once and awhile but that was it.

    Over the years, and there has been alot of years, I made new freinds and lost them, only to make more new freinds, things change, people change, that is the way life go's.

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