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Thread: Scared - dad knows I used Wii

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    Default Scared - dad knows I used Wii

    Ok so yesterday, i was on my nintendo wii internet, looking at some pictures of diapers while my parents wernt home. and today my step dad said "have you been playing your wii, because your grounded" and i said "no". and so he says while im putting my clothes away "are you man enough to admit what you did yesterday". and i said "i didnt go on my wii", so im really scared if he knows something, i mean how could he know...there is no history button on the wii

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    You got in trouble for going on your Wii? Wow, tough folks.

    But if you were grounded, and shouldn't have been on your Wii anyway, then stay away with it. He's probably just trying to get you to rat yourself out.

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    I have to agree with Lurker here. Stick with your story. If he'd known he'd have done something already.

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    He's playing a mind game on you, lol...... But ya, I highly doubt it that he knows that you were on it when you were grounded yesterday.....

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    Not to get off the track, but the title sounded like a euphemism for something horrible.

    One thing I don't get, the Wii apparently has the Opera browser, yet you can't clear the history? You can do this on almost every other browser I can think of.

    Firefox does, IE does, Mozilla does, Netscape, Maxthon, NetFront (phone and PSP), etc.
    Yet the Wii version of Opera doesn't do this. Are you sure you thoroughly looked through the settings, it might be called something different.

    On a side note, if you google ADISC then click on the link, I don't think it will show up in the history, it might in the cache, but not the browsing history.

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    I don't even think Wii has a history...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Macro View Post
    i mean how could he know...there is no history button on the wii
    That's what he said, there isn't one.

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    dont let him use a mind trick on you, stick with your story bud, Good luck

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    Well, lets see, did you place the Wii somewhere else when you were playing and forgot to put it back in its original place? Or did you move the controllers or something? Maybe he saw those moved from where he saw them last and got the idea from there. In any case, just stick with your story and don't back down, at most he has a hunch and that will not be enough for him to call you out on, so keep strong...and in any case...Don't do something your not allowed to do! I mean, it can only lead to getting you in more trouble.


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    Hmm, i think you should just stick with your story. All the advice above is the best you could get, so i don't know what else i could say :p

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