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Thread: My introduction

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    Smile My introduction

    Hello all, here is my introduction (I'm a little late, as I already did one post on the Freemasonry thread, but hey it's all good):

    Some basics: I'm 20 years old, female, straight, have a boyfriend, and am a college student.

    Ever since I was probably 15 or so, I would imagine what it would be like to be a baby again. I would come up with stories about scientists and such trying to turn adults back in babies. I would usually think about these fantasies while I was trying to fall asleep. For years I did this until just earlier this year I decided to look up what I diaper would feel like on. I typed "adult diaper" into google and I fell upon diaper space and a whole a new world.

    It was the oddest thing, all these people who felt the same way to me (me not as hardcore though). Ever since that discovery, I've just been lurking around reading everything I can about AB/DL/TB's. This is site definitely the best I've seen. I created an account and here I am.

    I have never worn a diaper, sucked on a paci, or anything like that. Just thought about it. I am in a somewhat denial stage, I won't go on for a few days, but then I just really want to. During the day I just think, "How could I wear a diaper and respect myself? That is so weird..." Not knocking anyone else of course, as I have these same urges.

    I was just at Wal-Mart today and was looking at pacis and adult diapers...Didn't have the courage to pick any up though. Don't know if I ever will. My boyfriend is sooo straight laced it would be like the worst thing in the world to bring up to. I know he wouldn't understand.

    Anyways, that was my introduction...If you want to hit me up on my page or here that's cool. I would love to talk to any of you lovely people!

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    Welcome to ADISC

    It was a good intro, but you missed out a few things, like who are you as a person, not an infantilist. Like what are your hobbies and interests? What are you studying at college? How do you know your boyfriend wouldn't understand? IMO he should love you for who you are, not who he thinks you are.

    Anyways, this is one of the better sites around, and I hope you have a great time here!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlikra View Post
    Welcome to ADISC

    It was a good intro, but you missed out a few things, like who are you as a person, not an infantilist. Like what are your hobbies and interests? What are you studying at college? How do you know your boyfriend wouldn't understand? IMO he should love you for who you are, not who he thinks you are.

    Anyways, this is one of the better sites around, and I hope you have a great time here!

    MMkkk...Here's some more:

    I'm majoring in Psychology and Addiction Counseling. I love the human mind and people!

    I love cars, looking at them and talking about them. I also adore girly things like hello kitty, the color pink, lacy, frilly things, etc. The 50's and 60's are my favorite time period. Marilyn Monroe could be considered one of my favorite people of all time. I love fashion and am a clothes junkie. You could call me a "Brand Snob" I guess.

    As far as my boyfriend goes, I supposed there is no way to 100 percent know that he wouldn't accept it...But then again, I am not totally into the lifestyle/hobby yet and don't know how it fits into my life either. I guess I'll just wait and see what happens....

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    Now it's a great intro!

    Hope you have fun exploring the lifestyle, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Hope things work out with your boyfriend, whether it's telling him or keeping it secret, whatever you decide to do

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    Interesting that your major is in psychological addictions. I can see why you have misgivings in getting started with all of this. I know that once I started, I continued to replicate again and again up to this very day. I think this site will give you some opportunities to explore your feelings and seek some self awareness and understanding. After all, something in your life probably set the stage for this kind of desire.

    Each one of us deals with this a little differently from the next, and some members don't wear diapers. They find satisfaction and comfort through plushies, or paci's, or other youth/baby related objects.

    I wish you well in your search, and welcome you as a member. Your initial post was excellent, and took courage to reveal the inner you.

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    the whole reading about the AB stuff is totally me...i dont practice it just read

    omg there is someone else! *hugs thread writer*

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    Welcome; Dogboy's post #3 above is worth rereading. ADISC and the *B/DL world are both full of flavors and variety; this is rich fodder indeed for students of the human mind. For one thing though many of our members are troubled in one way or another, many are not: dispelling the idea that our tendencies necessarily imply being troubled.

    This is truly an amazing place: accepting of a broad range of people; effecting actual support: making others' lives better; there is a sense of "ownership" in the site itself by the members... And I believe, across the membership an impetus to live to one's intellectual potential: we really do debate, ponder, explore, and invent. Plus ADISC has been attracting more raccoons: and gathering raccoons is a stellar achievement in its own right.

    Your intro post was excellent for its readability, and the amount of information you packed into it; it revealed a lot about your character, and an interesting character at that.

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    These thoughts and feelings, while statistically aberrant, do not mark you as abnormal or demonstrate anything being "wrong" with you.

    Think about skydiving. Statistically, not many people go skydiving. I've not been skydiving, for instance. Now ... does this mean that people who think about skydiving have something wrong? No. Does it mean that people who follow through and go skydiving have something wrong with them? Again, no. Does it mean that people who go skydiving every day to the point where their marriage breaks up, they lose their job, and they can think about nothing other than skydiving have something wrong?


    I'm not going to jump up and down and pound the "Criterion B" drum other than by analogy, above. But the simple point is, yes, you ARE in the statistic minority, but this does NOT imply that there is anything wrong with this.

    My advice to you is to carefully explore the rabbit-hole a bit. Poke your head in, maybe feel around the sides, see where its boundaries lie. If you decide that you like it and would like to wear on an occasional or more than occasional basis, I'd sit your boyfriend down (assuming that relationship looks serious) and have a discussion. He may need a couple days to process it, followed by a very gradual introduction--this is a diaper. This is me in a diaper. This is me sleeping in a diaper. This is me using a diaper.--over the next few weeks, but if he loves you and wants to preserve the relationship, he will be able to work with this quirk of yours. Think cognitive dissonance here.

    So. There you go.


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    Well... hello and welcome. It is always nice to see another interesting and mature individual enter the fold.

    I see our resident Sage and Intellectual have both already spoken, so I will add this.

    Being "in denial" is a tricky thing. The best medicine I can offer you for that is a good dose of self-acceptance. It may take a while... but I hope that if you stick around you will come to realize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having your desires or acting on them.

    As far as your boyfriend being "straight laced"... you will be surprised what lengths love can go to. I ask you to be honest... share your thoughts and feelings and desires with him... because if you don't there will be trouble down the road. There are a lot of folks who have to live out their desires in secret... lying and hiding things from their family just so they can be happy.

    So... all that said. Stick around, explore a bit, do some reading... figure out what we are all about. Don't let the weirdos scare you away, there are a lot of good people here.

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    Darkfinn makes a good point, in fact several. I too believe many peoples' problems arise - not from their quirks, kinks, oddnesses and special talents or flaws but not having acknowledged and come to terms with those things. You will not be happy when you have an imperative: say

    To believe in God and embrace a scripture that self-contradicts or is full of holes. (So interpret it in a way that is self-consistent; ignore the silly bits as obsolete.)

    To earn rep but not "rep-chase." DO post well; don't worry about "rep-chasing" - it is in most cases a logical fiction.

    To accept and love your AB side while you think it immoral, or an illness, or incompatible with your significant-other relationship. It is part of you: and this particular aspect of you IS NOT immoral, or - as H3g3l illustrated, an illness.

    I am not a cordon bleu chef; so I take girls to restaurants. And took cooking lessons. My cooking did improve, but the main point was I showed willing.

    Accepting one's nature is key to being happy, less than what that nature is.

    As to your partner, you might try getting him to reveal his fantasies, quirks, or preferences, and indulge them, repeatedly and with skill. Then reveal your own, gradually, and get him to indulge yours; not all the time, maybe every other Friday from 10 PM - midnight. And on Statutory Holidays.

    Often when people reveal they are *b/dl they forget to say "but not 24/7."
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