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    Default Another newbie on the forum

    Hello people,

    Just a short intro on myself then ,ey ?
    I'm 34/m from the Netherlands, and am a DL.
    Have been for as long as I can remember, I alsways "had" something with diapers. Been a bedwetter untill I was 8, and have had a short period of time around the age of 11/12 with quite frequent nighttime wetting accidents.

    Perhaps that triggered the whole diaper fetish thing, as I was diapered for so long. Or perhaps just the feeling of being little again, being looked after.

    Used to experiment with baby diapers, towels & plastic bags untill i was about 18, and thing really got out of hand when I discovered the internet abou 10 years ago.

    Not really into the AB thing, but do act like a toddler sometimes and make a fool of myself in public
    I consider myself to be one of the good guys, too honest for my own good and always prepared to help out others.
    Needless to say not the easiest character to deal with, but hey that's who I am..
    I'm usually a very quiet guy on the outside, but I find it very difficult to keep things quiet inside the head. Thinking alot.. diapers help me to relax a little form time to time.

    That's it for now, will take a look around to see if this is a nice hangout but looks great to me !

    See ya

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    Hi, welcome! It's always good to see another adult on the forum And don't forget to check out the IRC chat too! (It's a little more...umm...refined...usually...than the flash chat which seems to be somewhat...well...less refined!)

    So what kinda cheese do you like? :-D

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    Welcome, plasgoot2007! And a terrific intro I might add. Hope you enjoy it here in the ADISC forums.


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    Goeiemoggel ;-) Or how ever late it may be when you read it.

    Have fun, enjoy and don't be to shy to post.

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    from you post, it doesn't realy sound like you'r a newbie. it may say so by your name but your posts don't really scream "newbie" like some of the other intros i've read.

    welcom to the forum!!!

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    Hey Welcome!
    Yeah it is good to see an older person on the site. great person to talk to, wiser etc...

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    Hello! Welcome to our community! I hope that you enjoy it here!

    Netherlands...beautiful place in so many ways, I hope to move there maybe some day.

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