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Thread: Why does leaving her feel so right??

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    Default Why does leaving her feel so right??

    Well maybe I'm just in a depressed mood, But I'm stuck here thinking about this girl Aly. I've been hanging out with her allot lately. An she truly is the most wonderful person I have ever meet.

    We have allot of fun together, but very like minded thinkers. An enjoy being around each other so much. We are kind of stuck thought. She also loves another man. The other man asked for a break, an me and Aly shortly feel in love with each other after a while.

    But something dosnt feel right in my heart, I can see being happy with her for so long. Its not that I don't feel like she is the right person for me at all. In fact I don't think I'll ever meet someone better than her. I just cant see her being happy with me. I don't think I could be enough. I think even thought she would be happy with with me. I don't see her being truly happy.

    I feel like being with me would be settling for less than she deserves. For some reson breaking up with her, Seems to be the only thing that feels right. Maybe spare her from heart ache caused bye me later in life. Or maybe so she can find what she is clearly ment to have.

    I know that we both love it each so much. I can see it in her eyes when she looks at me. But something feels broken inside of me. Idk

    I just dont know why breaking up, and letting her go feels so right. When I want nothing more than to be with her.

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    You need to do what is right inside your heart. I know that if a person love you and you truely love them, differrences are set aside for the true love. Maybe you need to sit down with her and talk with Aly about your feeling (I know somethng we guys dont always want to do or talk about) and see what she is feeling as well. I mean if she truely loves you back, then you can work out your difference that you have now. After talking about the now, then you can talk about the future, things like when you move etc.

    I hope that you can talk to her and work it out. If it does not work out after a long talk, then atleast you will know. If you dont talk to her, then you may never find out.

    Hope this helps out a little my friend.


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    If it was truly ment to be you and her, you will get back together, give it a break and see how it turns out, do not beat yourself up over it.

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    There is nothing to say but to keep her while you can. I met my soul mate, and I wasn't able to spend much time with her and now she's gone.

    If she makes you happy, keep it that way. Don't spite, you don't know what you got 'till it's gone.

    Trust me.

    Good Luck.

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    buckle up and realize that you're a good person too. if you can't be happy with yourself, you can't expect her to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cupcake View Post
    buckle up and realize that you're a good person too. if you can't be happy with yourself, you can't expect her to be.
    agreed. also, you'll never find what you're looking for if you're too scared to rsik getting hurt.

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    It sounds like you have self esteem problems. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We are all attracted to others for very varied reasons. So what ever you have going for you, may really turn on her buttons. Remember, girls and different than guys. I don't find most men attractive, but clearly women do. It's how nature put us together so that we would mate.

    So don't put yourself down. Let nature take its course. If it's meant to be, it will be.

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    Stop being over dramatic and say "Hun, should we continue this relationship or are you going to go back to your old boyfriend?". Simple as that.

    I know it sounds cold, but your issue is because of lack of communication, and you shouldn't jump to conclusions. Who knows... She could love you to death but somehow feel trapped in the relationship with the other dude.

    Talk it out.

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    Well even thought this goes against my wanting to leave ADISC. As I said in my blog. I felt like I should post on this a bit more. Being that Aly will most likely be reading it, at this point in time.

    As far as what right in my heart. I'm not sure whats right in my heart anymore. I'm not sure what will make me happy. I just don't know what I wanna do anymore. An I have been setting some goals in my life. An not easy one at that. But even reaching these goals, doesn't seem to bring any feeling to me. I just feel cold an dead inside. I've had depression issues in the past. But this seems so profoundly different from all the other times.

    An as far as self esteem problems, I don't have many if any. I know how good of a person I am. I know that there are many women that would feel so lucky to be with me. An more over I know how lucky Aly feels to have found me.

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    if something doesn't feel right in your heart- then it's not ever going to be right.... your "gut" feeling is usually correct, and if you feel like leaving her is the best thing then do it. it sounds like she really loves you and its not my place to say anything about it, but i think you need to take some time to just think about what you want and what feels right. I mean "a little part of you breaks inside every time she looks at you" ? that's definitely not a good sign at all. just be careful not to hurt her.

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