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Thread: YAY! My NUK 5 has arrived !

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    Talking YAY! My NUK 5 has arrived !

    I know this is a completley pointless post, but Im really excited and don't have anyone else to Squeeeeeeeee to!

    **happy dances around the room**

    I went to the post office today, My package from the UK has arrived..... I got my NUK 5 and matching bottle teat.


    Initial review - the Nuk5 is much much more comfortable in my mouth then NUK3, I don't have to actively suck or bite to keep it in hands free

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    daww! I really wish they had one that was made of silicone! All i can find is latex and it's not that i'm allergic it's that I just don't like the taste >.<

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    Congratulations! I hope you like your new NUK 5 and bottle teat. (I had to look up what teat meant) I use my NUK 5 a lot more than I should. I didn't realize they made a NUK 5 bottle teat. I may have to get one of those.

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    Just wondering where did you get yours

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    What do you guys call "teats"? Must be a US vs UK vs AU english thing.

    I got mine from ebay - brought them as a double deal for about $50AU

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    The bottle is a substitute for a breast teat, hence the name. Tit comes from teat

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    regular seller on ebay? i would be interested in silicone as well.

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    congrates man when i got mine the first time i sucked on it for hours, tried to sleep with it a few times but keeps falling out of my mouth. would like to get a nuk 5 teat for my bottle but that is a treat ill have to wait for

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    I have not tried to sleep with it yet. Just given it a little test drive.

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