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Thread: surecare??

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    Default surecare??

    Ok, I dont remember anything said about these.. I have probably missed
    but what are you opinions of these?
    I know of a local med store that carries them... and was wanting opinions of them before I spend any money on them..

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    Hmm...not heard of that before either. I tried doing a quick web search to take a look but I only found the belted ones. However, I did find a website that I've not heard of, so I thought I'd bung that in here if it's ok, in case that's another new discovery.

    Adult Diapers, Bariatric Adult Diapers, Disposable Adult Diapers

    Maybe others know about them, but otherwise, let us know what you decide and what you think.

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    They're made by Kendall, but sold under the Sure Care name. Same thing as Kendall Supreme. I got a bag a while back, they have 6 white tapes, elastic waist, and are pretty much like Depends.

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    eh, fair enough. I guess thats a no buy.. unless Im

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