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    Does anyone know of a place online that you can buy diapers with Cash On Delivery, so that you can pay upfront with cash? And I think UPS says they have the C.O.D. shipping option but I don't know how to use it. Does anyone know how? So far my best bet is checking craigslist constantly, but craigslist never works because they usually won't come to your house, or you at least have to call them on phone usually.

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    My company accepts COD... but we don't sell diapers.

    I don't know many places that still take COD anymore.

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    Companies aren't generally keen to do C.O.D. since they shell out for the shipping and the receiver can still decide to reject the shipment. When credit cards were less ubiquitous, C.O.D. was more common, but I think it just represents too much monetary risk to a merchant to make general use of it.

    As a technical matter, a shipment is made C.O.D. by the shipper and it comes with a different tag. The receiver is obliged to pay on delivery, typically with cash, although there's a tickbox to accept a check. There's an extra charge to the shiipper to send something via that method, so if you do get someone to bite, expect to bear that cost as well.

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    COD is IMO generally dead in terms of payment options. I don't know anyone who uses it.

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