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Thread: Infantilism a logic to understand diapers?

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    Default Infantilism a logic to understand diapers?

    I've had some interesting thoughts, lately.

    (great way to start a thread, eh? Go figure)

    Anyway, I've begun to think that my infantilism may be more of a coping mechanism designed to create a logic for why I like to wear diapers.

    I've not always had an interest in acting like a baby, but I've ALWAYS had an interest in wearing diapers...since I was three years old. My interest in babyhood has been quite recent compared to diapers (around puberty and the internet, actually).

    In all of these years of liking wearing diapers, I have never found a logical reason. It just is.

    Everything in babyhood seems centered around diapers, and I realize now that I would not want to experience babyhood without them (such as in a poorer country or hundreds of years ago).

    So, it seems that I have constructed my desire to act like a baby in order to create a logic for why I want to wear diapers. I recall, now , that I had been disgusted at the thought of peeing or pooping in diapers (before puberty; I think the sensation of wetting or messing is more sexual than anything else)...but I saw babyhood as the only medium in which I would be able to wear diapers freely. So, I adopted babyhood to justify my diaper-wearing.

    For somebody like me, having a reason (I am a strongly logical thinker) is highly imperative to maintaining an internal peace. Maybe, the best route to finding an inner peace is to accept that I will be wearing diapers for the rest of my if I were incontinent and had no choice. Honestly, because this seems to be an innate tendency--like left-handedness--and I do not seem to have a choice in the matter. The severity of the emotional itch will vary from time to time, but it will always be there.

    Does anybody else feel similarly?

    I don't believe this will apply to most of the AB/DL population, but it is one idea...maybe a piece to the puzzle.

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    Hey there Kif.
    I must say this is a very interesting discussion you've started. I cannot say I have the same foundation on my infantilism. But then again, I've always been foremost AB, focusing on the roleplay and child part. The diaper just came along because that is something that truly defines helplessness and security. However, I can live out my fantasies without diapers.

    Therefore I can't say I recognize myself in your position. But I can very much understand it. Maybe this is a very good explanation for the more DL side of infantilism?

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    i hear ya. i never had much interest in baby stuff (other than diapers) until i got online and started talking to a lot of people who consider themselves TBs and ABs. i had a younger sister, so as a kid my house was filled with bottles and pacifiers and strollers and baby clothes, and i never had the slightest interest in any of it except the diapers.

    as a DL, it could be that i'm more susceptible to regression than most people, in addition to being more open-minded. trying it out as an adult i've found that i quite like it. but i never would have tried it if it hadn't been for the influence of all these freaks here on ADISC!

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    I've heard others state this... what began in myself as merely an interest in diapers has been nurtured and developed by the online community into a much wider practice. I wouldn't say that I am AB... but it does get close sometimes.

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    You bring up something really interesting. I feel like this too actually. I've been interested in diapers for as long as I can remember. But....I didn't develop the 'infantilism' part of it until I was 14, got the internet, and found other AB/DL's online. It was then that I got intrigued, and started exploring that side more.

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    I've had an interest in diapers for quite some time, but very recently have had a lot of thoughts and feelings toward AB'ness. The funny thing is that very recently I have been coming under a LOT of stress, way more than normal. I can nail the date of this stress down to a particular day, and since then I've been having a quite a number of AB dreams even.
    I'm starting to consider the prospect that I've had these desires in me for quite some time, but now that my stress level has increased, they've manifested themselves into AB thoughts and desires as a coping mechanism.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Perhaps upon becoming farther from babyhood we become more attracted to it.

    I also have had an attraction toward diapers for as long as I can remember but only around the age of 7 or 8 had I begun having more babyish feelings.

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