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Thread: New Method for ordering diapers

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    Default New Method for ordering diapers

    So, hopwfully I explained this well enough for all of you. If not, please ask questions! If you think this belongs in the Wiki, please tell.


    Remember when I posted something about saying that I can use my company to have an excuse to have diapers delivered to my house? Well I have finished this plan. I have included a “company letter” adjust it to for what ever company you ordered from. Here si how this plan can work out for anyone.

    1. Start a website, blog, forum, etc. any type of website. Or, just make some web files and leave them in the folder, if you don’t want to actually make a website

    2. build up some content

    3. Put on some ads. Use the logo of whatever company you order from. BUT to avoid getting sued, only publish the logo image to your website folder and do not upload it.

    4. Order your diapers

    5. Have them addressed to your house, when they arrive say, “They are diaper samples from this company that advertises on my website”

    6. Included is a sample of a letter that “Looks” like a company thank you letter, just incase your parents want to see the Legitimacy of this offer.


    "Dear (insert name here),

    Thank you for advertising our company on your website. We look forward to having a great business relationship with you. As we had previously stated in our past email, here are the samples that we had told you about. Please distribute these to anyone who requests a sample. We have supplied you with(insert brand you ordered here)When you have run out, please notify us and we will promptly send you some more.

    Thank you for doing business with us. We look forward to doing business with you.

    The Abena Group".

    7. Show them that and keep the diapers in your closet or somewhere and enjoy!

    Note: This will really only work on parents that aren’t 100% computer literate. This may or may not work depending on your situation. I know that it’ll work for me, b/c my parents are not super literate with computers and don’t get what business I deal in.

    Well enjoy, hopefully this will work for you.

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    Can't help wondering, surely the more effort we put into elaborate ways to order and hide the truth, the more our parents (or other people) are going to believe we have something very bad to hide should they eventually suss it out. But maybe I am a bit naive since I don't have anyone about to accuse me of peadophilia.

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    Well, this is just a method that I think would work well for me, since I do own a few internet businesses, I have many packages that go in and out of my care every week, so my parents wouldn't notice one more coming into my care. But, do what works best for all of you.

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    Ah right, I'm a bit clueless with what owning internet businesses involves. Glad it works for you

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    You can easily use this as a backup plan if your parents catch you. Just consider that they might know somebody with actual continence problems which would result you having to give them some of your diapers

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    That sounds like a very complicated and colluded plan.

    Remember folks... all things being equal, the simplest solution is usually the right one.

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    50$ dollar visa giftcard, find a site with descrete(sp) shipping order when you will have a chance to recieve them. That's my plan, however based on what you said I guess that plan works considerably better for your situation.

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    This is far from K.I.S.S. but hey if it works for you go for it. Since you have packages coming all the time you shouldn't have any problems. However it should like a great back-up plan if you get caught. If you are caught wearing them you can just say you were curious. (or ran out of clean underwear)

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