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Thread: What is the most absorbant disposable diaper?

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    Default What is the most absorbant disposable diaper?

    I was wondering, what is the most absorbent disposable diaper that can be purchased in a "brick and mortar" store. I was thinking maybe attends or underjams? I am a teen baby that has finally worked up the courage to buy diapers and is wondering what to get.

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    I've heard good things about attends but if you want the best and most absorbant disposable that would be Dry 24/7.

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    Could I buy them at an actual store? Or would I have to order them online?

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    IMO the most absorbant disposable that you can buy at an actual store would be the Walgreens or CVS store brand. They are the best readily available diapers.

    Of course you could always check the phone book or online and see if there are any privately owned specialty pharmacies or medical supply stores in your area... they may carry harder to find brands like Tena, Tranquility, or Molicare.

    Good luck!

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    Don't forget the whole 'have wal-mart order molicares to the store' thing. I know little about it but I've read it here and there. Certainly check your local pharmacies for good brands too.

    By the way, diaper stuffing can be a great substitute for premium diapers.

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    Attends are alright diapers. both the two taped and six tapes were okay. ive also tryed the equaline which were okay too.

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    If you go to a specialised store, get some Molicare Super. I think they are fairely easy to get in the US.

    All Tena diapers beat Depends and Attends. So if you find some, get them.

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    hmm Tena are good, i used Tena Maxi Slip Medium at hospital at night when I had my knee operation.(told the nurse i sometimes wet the bed )

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    Wow, am I the only one who think the max strength depends briefs are not so bad? At least they seem slightly better (for absorbancy) the generic stuff from CVS and Walgreens... hmm maybe it's just me!

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