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Thread: Unique ways of proposing to a woman?

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    Default Unique ways of proposing to a woman?

    I want to ask my girlfriend to marry me weve been together for almost a year..
    what are some unique ways i can ask her that she will never forget

    im a real romantic so the sweeter the better ^.^

    i just have no imagination..

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    Can't exactly answer this question without knowing what kind of person she is, or what she likes. There can be a million cute ways that would appeal to me, but not to her, because we are different people.

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    Nothing says "I want to marry you!" more than it spelt out in cyanide pills and razorblades.

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    shes a decent, average everyday person.. she likes country, redneck, christian kind of life

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverStar View Post
    Iono put the ring in a milkshake then give it to her?
    That might bring all the boys to the yard. Never a good thing for a proposal scenario.

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    Hey, Timmah.

    Not too long ago, I remember you expressing some frustration at being alone. Then, more recently, rejoicing at your new-found relationship. It's been on-again off-again with this girl right? And from your post above, it sounds like you've known her for a year or so. Have you been 'together' this whole year? Also, your age is listed as 17. My opinion is that one year is not enough time, and 17 is too young.

    I feel bad saying that, because it seems like I'm denying whatever you might feel for her. I don't mean to suggest that you should end your relationship; if it's going well, keep it going. But I do feel that one year in a relationship is not enough time (even at my age, about 10 years older) to justify a marriage proposal. And, I don't think that folks in their teens should have to worry about marriage.

    Don't worry about marriage until you're damn sure you're ready to start a family, and that you can take care of a family. If you don't have the means for that just yet, don't worry. You've got a lot ahead of you. You'll get there. At this stage, official social contracts such as marriage should be mostly irrelevant to you. Keep treating her right, let her know how you feel, and be sensitive to what she's feeling. In my opinion, that's what should matter most for you right now. Enjoy what you have together--you don't need to be engaged to do that.

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    listen don't want to get married, you just don't, think about school and friends and life and fun

    I mean, I'll be 17 in a few weeks, I'm relatively happy, whats on my mind?

    girlsgirlsgirlsboozeindiemusicgoofingbeinglateforw orksexschoolbeer

    clustered into some order, I'd say I'm pretty good, you? probably suffering from some sort of horrifying and worsening proximity infatuation.

    you've got to take it slow, bro.

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    Spend thousands on a ring, then ask her if she wants to tie her financial future and well being to a guy who just blew thousands of dollars on a shiny object with no functional or resale value. Then, if statistics hold out, you'll probably get divorced in under a decade.

    If you're gonna propose, please be original and instead of getting a ring, put that money on a down payment for a house. If you can't afford that, then you're too broke to get married.

    Feel free to call my a cynical asshole; I've been called worse.


    Holy fuck, 17? Let me revise my previous statement - WELL under a decade. You're almost guaranteed to get divorced before you're 20. Dude, no. Just... no.

    If I were in the same room as you, I'd hit you over the nose with a rolled up newspaper like I would a puppy who just peed on the floor.

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    Married at 17... only been together a year. This is prime Dr. Phil material.

    Marriages fail often because people don't want to move beyond the honeymoon stage. I suspect they have a greater chance of failing when the couple decides to marry when they're all still loved up white doves.

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