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    Hey folks...
    i am looking for a swim diaper - like a "little swimmer" but bigger... i want a diaper that wont buldge up and become very heavy when its wet, i am going to have a chance to go on vacation, and of course was going to go diapered.. but i would like to go to the beach diapered... anyone got any ideas...

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    Disposable swim diapers for adults do exist... however they are expensive and pretty much a waste.

    There are some other options...

    #1: The DTO Containment Diaper from XPMedical. You can wear it over a disposable or with a stuffer like the Abri-let Maxi. I have one... it's pretty nice, but also very obvious that it is a diaper.

    #2: A Pool Pant Swim Diaper from Gabby's of Canada. Looks a lot like a loose-fitting speedo.

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    The one XP medical sell looks really nice. I have thought about buying it several times but I haven't. Darkfinn can you tell us a bit more out it. ie: fit, likes, dislikes?

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    I've only worn it a few times to the local pool. Fit is good... function is fine... no swim diaper out there is going to keep all the pee out of the pool, but it does a decent job and is actually reasonably comfortable for wearing out of the pool too.

    The main thing that concerns me is the durability of the velcro system. After enough times pulling on it and adjusting it and etc that velcro is going to come loose from the cover... I don't think it is stitched on there durably enough.

    I believe I am going kayaking/rafting in a few weeks... and we're going to the beach in about a month... I will do more detailed swim diaper reviews after these trips.

    Just remember... with a swim diaper you'll need larger trunks. I wouldn't go around wearing just the swim diaper... it seems indecent.

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    Plus you'd likely get really confused looks and stares from people.

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    that one from XPmedical is ok, it is a DTO, this time of the year, i go rafting almost daily
    it seems to hold up, my only problem is that it leaks inward, soaking the pad, or maybe i'm not putting it on tight enough, i dunno, but i've gotten out of the water after a 3hour float trip on several occasions feeling like i gained about 10 pounds below my waist!

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    I wouldn't expect it to be 100% waterproof... nothing aside from a full wetsuit will be. But it certainly seems better than just wearing the diaper itself.

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    I guess im just gross, I just "let it go" and rinse the kayak out when i get out. Ive had a little success with a good disposable in a dry suit, but I am rarely on cold enough water to justify it.

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    Well... that may be an option Jeff... But I'd rather not have it look to my co-workers like I've peed my pants while in the boat. Most of them know I wear... but I don't know how many of them have put water + diaper together in their minds yet.

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    Hehe...I did kayaking once, at an outdoor sports camp type place. We lined up in the boats on dry land to be shown techniques and then got out to carry the boats to the waters edge. My boat was wet inside and when I got up I had the 'very bad accident' look all down the back of my shorts! People all joked saying 'you didn't need to do that, the bathroom is over there.' Ah well, I capsized later anyway.

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