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Thread: Cruel Mommy?

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    Default Cruel Mommy?

    Hi everone!

    I was wondering how many others out there, besides me, would love to have a cruel mommy? I would love to have a mommy that would slip some ex-lax into my bottle (right before we left the house to go out) or slip some icy-hot into my diaper during a change, or one that would just get pleasure from making me sit in my used diaper all day. If anyone else feels this way, let me know! If anyone has any other fantasies, please share them!

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by David315 View Post
    slip some icy-hot into my diaper during a change

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    Teeheehee....cruel mommy! Sounds like it should be a movie. "Oh look Brad. Mother will be staying with us for a few months, just for the duration of her methamphetamine rehabilitation. I must warn you however, her brain is a bit fried, and she likes to act out with a few off the beaten road quirks. Brad? Brad?!"

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    I'd love that kind of stuff in a story or a role play, but probably not in real life...That, and I'm into dudes...

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    Nah, not my idea of fun. Life is weird enough as it is!

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    I like to beat cruel people in the head with sticks 'til they die.

    But that's just me

    Anyway, no thank you.

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    You know I have thought about it, and maybe it would be fun to have a strict, but fair mommy that way you have both the love and disipline of the toddler world... I dont really think I would like it your way, but I would like mine to be more controlling than she currently is now.

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    NO! Mommies are supposted to be kind and care for their babies, not be mean to them!

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