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Thread: Clear Skies or Cloudy?

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    Default Clear Skies or Cloudy?

    Just a quick, fun poll - I've seen a few hints here and there about what people seem to like but so far they've been pretty anti-sun.

    Which do you prefer, and why?

    I like it a lot when it rains. The clouds and, well, uh, the rain remind me of when I was younger and lived by the beach in California. I also love falling asleep to the sound of rain!

    I guess the best way to approach this would be to consider a comfortable position that you're in while it's like that. That could be outside playing games in the sun or by a fireplace looking at the rain.

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    partly cloudy. No explination, just like em...

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    I like mostly clear skies, with just a few clouds here and there.

    ...So, I guess partly cloudy. n.n

    Either that or rain. I love the rain. XD

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    Overcast. No sun, but not raining either so you can still do stuff outside.

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    I don't like sunny days, probably because we have brutal summers and I just get sick of having sun beating down on me (even when it's the nice spring temperatures I don't like). My choice was overcast. I love it when it rains too because we rarely get rain here. I wouldn't be able to stand it all the time though.

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    I like hot sunny summer days. Allthough kinda bad weather for wearing a diaper...

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    Call me dark, emo, gothic, whatever. But, I hate sunny/nice days. I just... hate them. It just makes the day seem busy. I really don't know how to explain.

    I love dark, gloomy, rainy, cloudy days. Those are by far the best. Why? Well hell, you've got me there. Honestly, it makes staying indoors more comfy, and I just love the theme.

    A lot of my family say I take after my uncle (recently passed away in 2005). He liked to sit on the roof and watch thunderstorms. I do the same thing occasionally. Sometimes I like to sit on my roof in a downpour, just get totally soaked, and lay there and just... well lay there in the rain. On the roof.

    Yeah. Dramatic. Whatever

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    I like sunny weather. But the type of sunny we get here in spring or fall, not the type of sunny you would get there in Dryzone (aka Arizona).
    We're currently experiencing a week of heavy storm, rain, hail, thunderstorms and occasional interludes of partly sunny weather, and the rain beating on my window kept me up half the night. So I'm sick of it - gimme sun! NOW!


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    I put partly cloudy...I don't like bright hurts my eyes, makes me hot 'n tired....but I don't like overcast days or rain/snow/other stuff that falls from the sky either...too dreary, makes me tired too! LOL

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    Partly cloudy for me. I like looking at the cloud formations, specially if they are dramatically lighted by the sun. I get my camera out and try to get nice pictures. I like the sun too, but not to excess, and the clouds help keep me from getting too much of it.

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