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Thread: Is it worth it?

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    Smile Is it worth it?

    Hi there,
    I have several Kendall Lille Supreme diapers but was wondering if it was worth getting some drynites to wear occasionally out in public. What do you think?

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    Sure! It's good to have a variety depending on your mood or needs at the time. I have super diapers like bambinos/Abena, Thinner diapers like Depends, Medium diapers, small diapers, baby diapers, pull-ups etc. There is no 1 right diaper for every person and every situation.

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    Drynites/Goodnites are a good discreet product to wear out in public... especially if you are thin enough that they actually still fit you.

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    They are very thin and discreet to wear. They would be a good choice for going out. And they aren't that bad for the wallet. Do Drynites still fit you?

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    I'm not too sure. i'll have to look up sizes and gett back to you

    I've just been on the answers wiki and seen the sleep-shorts version. are these just as good if you remove the cloth of the shorts, as the normal pants?
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    hi again guys, i've been on my hols for a week so haven't been able to post.

    I'm going to go to tesco on friday morning to get some drynites and as soon as i buy them (on the self-service till), I'm going to go to the toilets and put one on. So what sort of clothes should i wear ( i know they are quite thin until wet and i'm not sure if i'm going to wet yet)? I'm gonna wear a long jacket thing but should i wear jeans, tracksuit bottoms or 3/4 lengths?

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    You could wear skin tight jeans and I don't think anyone will notice.

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