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Thread: Salut et commo ca va!

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    Question Salut et commo ca va!

    Hello. My name is Kali, and I am new to this website and AB, but it is nice to finally have a title to call what I do. I am a 17 year old female, and I am currently enrolled in the best place to start for my engineering degree and I will be getting my AS this year. What else can I tell you guys about myself?

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    i love art, i am a big photo geek, you may be able to tell from my picture, but i love to take photos or draw. I also sing st hospitals to raise money for Hodgkin disease patients. I mostly enjoy helping others.

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    What kind of engineering? I.E. here.

    ...I know I know, go on and say it, Imaginary...

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    Hey Kalli, welcome to the site again. Glad you finally got to posting an Intro. Enjoy your stay. How long have you had *B/DL tendencies? And what kind of engineering are you going into?

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    i'm going for Biomedical engineering with a minor in electrical, I m hoping that i will mostly be doing work on the brain, reinstalling connectors and finding cures to things like epilepsies and Alzheimer disease. I have had AB tendencies for about three years and just kinda played it off as nothing, until i met a friend who was open to m e about being AB and i just kinda listened to him a lot before I let him know that I thought I was. I guess the biggest thing for me was I wanted to get as much info as I could first. Oh and for chill house - je ne habit pas au canada ou france, j'habit au le USA, je parle francais tres mal, mais je parl francais comme ci comme ca! lol. (i hope that was sort of translateable, its been quite a few years since i've taken any classes....)

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    Salut, je parle francais aussi mais pas bein. Ton fraincais es pas tres mal.

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    Oooh a photographer, that's a good start. Got any pics on sharing sites you can show us?

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