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Thread: Wore a pull up to the movies :-)

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    Default Wore a pull up to the movies :-)

    Well, I thought I'd never do this...but tonight I went to the movies diapered Well in a pull up anyway...

    Several months ago I ordered some Abeana Pull ups and after realizing they can hold a lot, and can be well hidden under loose fitting pants or shorts I thought to myself "I'll bet I could wear one of these to the movies and no one would notice" I was right I went to see the 8:45 showing of Harry Potter (Liked it very much). Funny thing is, a couple brought their baby to the movie (Yeah I know crazy right?) I sat there thinking to myself...well at least I'm not the only one in here wearing a diaper

    Afterwards when I got back to my car I wet it

    Never thought I'd wear in public, I may or may not do it again...but it wasn't at all scary.


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    Yup, there isn't really anything to be scared of when wearing in public. I can understand anyone who may feel reluctant though. It can be intimidating, and you may feel it's more obvious than it really is. All you really need to remember though, is that 99% of people aren't looking at people's bottoms to see if they're wearing a diaper (1% may be like us, who, like me, tend to :3). And if someone were to look at your bottom, they probably wouldn't even notice anything. It's going to take some real thick diapers, and/or some tight pants to really show a bulge, and even then, it can be hard to tell what it might be. For all anyone knows, they could have a tumor in their butt. So just remember that it's incredibly easy to get away with things like that.

    I have to ask though, if you're going to order some diapers, why not order some actual good ones instead of pull ups :O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    I have to ask though, if you're going to order some diapers, why not order some actual good ones instead of pull ups :O
    Oh I always order good ones (Abri-Form X-Plus with an Abri-Let Maxi Booster all the way)

    I just ordered some samples of the Abena pullups because I like to try various types. I think if I'm going to make it a habbit of wearing out, this would be my brand of choice


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    I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter last week with my friend and his wife. I knew that I would need a coffee and some pop to keep aware that night but I also knew that if I drank a large coffee at 10:00pm that I would probably have to pee by 1:00am.

    Well I wore a bambino bianca with baggy pants and no one could tell that I was wearing. It is a good thing that I was wearing because I wet twice during the movie. The best part is that I did not have to get up and miss part of the movie to go to the washroom, unlike my friend's wife, but she is uber pregnant.

    Diapers are great at the movies, especially when you have a tiny bladder.

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    I do that kind of stuff all the time...I even wear to school!

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    Sounds fun

    I never have the guts to really wear in public, I've worn once to school but that's it.

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    Movies are on my top 10 list of "Places to go while diapered." It's dark and noisy, so nobody sees or hears anything... plus you can order the extra large (bladder buster) coke and not need to get up halfway through the show.

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    I still have yet to do that myself... Maybe next time I get the chance to see a film. Might be next week. However, I don't happen to have any pull-ups in my possession at the moment, so diapers might have to do. :O

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    Add me to the list of people who went to the Harry Potter movie wearing.

    It's such a relief to not have to get up and leave during the show. This one is 2.5 hours, too, so way longer than usual. But I sat through the whole thing (sharing a humongous Coke, too ). Several people had to go towards the end, and it was really satisfying that I did not count myself among those.

    I'l have to do that more often.

    Oh, btw, it was only a CVS adjustable brief, nothing fancy. . .

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    For me, the risk of leaks due to sheer volume and time makes it worth saving the premium euro diapers for the theater. I am a bit of a worry wort, so i wouldnt be able to just relax and let it all hang out in a pullup or cheap store brand. A liter of coke in such a short time usually brings on a flood of biblical proportion.

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