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Thread: Old diapers re-surfaced a few days ago at my grandparents house...

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    Default Old diapers re-surfaced a few days ago at my grandparents house...

    A few days ago I was moving something out to the car for my grandma and guess what surfaced. One of the old green, well now all brown and yellowish diaper. Apparently it had stuck to the bottom of this bag and has been there, I don't know, maybe since I first tried diapers around age 15 or 16. She was like what's that, but when I saw it I just made for the car to put the bag in there and it was in the trash when I got back in (I went in the other door at that point). She said nothing about it so at least it's in the trash now.

    God, I need to start getting rid of my used diapers from now on, no telling how many more are 'hidden' somewhere If I ever get caught again, I swear it'll be because of the used hidden ones I hid way back when -_-.

    On another note, what's the best way to shave down there? Not all the way off, but it's getting to be a freaken tree down there and yea, I'm always itching even without wearing a diaper or nothing. Advice?

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    Rule #1... used diapers belong in the trash.

    As far as shaving goes... do it in the shower with some soap... I use a ladies' "sensitive" razor every few days... it works well.

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    or you could just trim with a small pair of clippers or scissors?

    its always best to do it in the shower or itll be all yucky for your skin though, if you do decide to shave. Make sure you pull the skin tight and dont nick yourself!

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    I might do a bit with some scissors lol. Just get the bulk of it off and then if I decide to shave, it'd be a bit easier.

    How long does it take to re-grow lol.

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    I have a Norelco Bodygroomer. Works quite well, has guards for trimming.

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    Try useing conditioner instead of soap or foam, it makes the blade glide better, and get a few womans disposeable shavers they are mad to take that course hair.

    And make sure you use lotion after you shave something like Vasoline Intensive car it helps alot.

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    Pup snickers, thinks that was quite a way to veer the thread off-topic.

    Pup has to put in a good word for the "Remington Precision Titanium Personal Groomer" - and has to refer to it that way because it's the only way to find the exact product in a search. Cheap, cheaply made - in a keep-it-simple-stupid kind of way, now that it's proved reliable - the titanium plating on the big trimmer head makes all the difference. Note that the big trimmer head does not have a fence and the small trimmer and razor attachments are useless. (Pup doesn't know if this is a particularly good model, or just the first of a few others he's owned that didn't completely suck.)

    Pup would advise caution with a razor, both because the itch is always terrible and because (pup coughs) an extremely ingrown hair with complications is not something you want in that area. Same goes for tweezers/related forms of depilation, this has been another public service announcement by pup. O_O Be particularly careful on areas of skin that fold or rub throughout the day, of which there are many on a guy. Humans (belatedly) get fuzzy in some spots because the fuzz is a bearing where one's own pieces rub, and once the follicles are active, taking them off below the surface + abrasion + healing = bad times. [Some people are lucky and never have that problem. Pup, with hindsight in the matter, has to say it's really not worth finding out in case you are not. Take a very close trim but avoid devices - including regular multiblade razors - that promise a perfectly smooth lift-and-cut. Girls are a little more immune for obvious reasons, or just not telling us when things go horribly wrong, so save the Brazilians for them / when you're post-op. ^^]

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    I usually find that a trimmer with a very short guard that leaves a "fuzz" is better for day to day management of hair of Australian persuasion. Shaving clean always seems to result in in-grown hairs for me, so I usually save it for special occasions. As for the itching, its just something that you have to get used to. It stops itching after a week or so. Use a conditioner and some lotion to ease into it and help soften the stubble.

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    I just trimmed it with some scissors. Cut all the hanging hair off of it lols.

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