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Thread: A general appoligy and incontinence.

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    Default A general appoligy and incontinence.

    Hi all I am sorry for the way i have acted here. I just dont like it when people tell me what to do like "why dont you go make an intro thread". anyways sorry. Also i just wanted to share that for a couple of months now i have been bladder incontinent. I am looking for other people like me who also have incontinence it is taking me a while to get used to it. So if i may, if you have incontinent wana post a reply here. just incase i need someone to talk to about it all.


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    Um...You didn't post a specific question...On a forum, you post a question...I think you are asking for people to talk to... If so, then this is the wrong kind of question. I realize you are a newbie, so I'm not going to get all upset about this...

    If you want people to talk to about it, why not try the ADISC chatroom? There is a menu labeled "Live Chat" on the very top-middle of the page. There are a lot of friendly people in there, just say who you are, and you will be able to chat with like-minded people!

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    ok a question. Would thouse who are incontinent please leave a reply?

    Just fyi you odnt always need to leave a question.

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    I'm functionally incontinent... does that count?

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    I'm grammatically incontinent, does this count? Shit's always flowin' outta my mouth, and I can't help it! : lol :

    Sorry, but seriously, my opinion: I kinda think that as long as you kept it to the right section, and posted something to the likeness of

    "Help with getting used to incontinence"
    I've recently become incontienent... Looking for someone to help me get used to it... Taking a while for me to... Anyone else out there?... Etc, etc

    That'd be acceptable, at least by me. But, you really should also make an intro post, incontinence topic or not. It's how we all get to know you. =)

    Edit: I see you have already made an intro thread. Good job in getting on track... But, why are others telling you to make an intro thread if you already did...?

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    oh ok baby jake btw i am 19 years old and am looking for people my age to talk to.

    Jake i would very much like to talk to you in pm or over the chat mabye we can set up a time or once i get over 15 post then i can pm you.

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    He was making a joke, because the pokemon Mewtwo has a large tail. =p

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