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Thread: Looking for funpal or underoos in Adult sizes?

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    Default Looking for funpal or underoos in Adult sizes?

    I would like to start off with I have no connection to the following items except being a customer of the person who makes them. I will say that they are made very well and are very cute and comfy to wear. I have had mine a few weeks now and love mine.

    Theses are toy story ones

    ADULT BABY TOY STORY PULL-UP TRAINER PANT 30-40" W - eBay (item 150360358897 end time Jul-23-09 06:42:11 PDT)

    These are Thomas the train ones

    ADULT BABY Thomas The Tank PULL-UP TRAINER PANT 30-46 - eBay (item 150360091644 end time Jul-22-09 07:42:51 PDT)

    These are Winnie the Pooh ones

    ADULT BABY WINNIE POOH PULL-UP TRAINER PANT 30-40" W - eBay (item 150359497380 end time Jul-21-09 12:40:49 PDT)

    Check them out like I said I think this is the closest to adult underoos/funpals we can get at the moment. for those who can fit into the kids ones still and she will custom to fit you or certain characters if you ask nicely also.

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    For a minute, with "funpal" I was thinking of 'PenPal' with a twist. :P Never mind that though.

    They are rather expensive for what they are, but it is a niche market. But they do look of a decent quality, than the poor quality AB items you see on ebay and else where online.

    Unfortunately this doesn't really appeal to me, maybe due to it being "too old". I want my diapers not "bit boy underwear". However I do think they are very cool

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    I think there was another thread simular to this. My recommendation is Popduds >> Modern Apparel for Men and Women there are no training pants there, but they have printed undies which are awesome

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    The quality is good. Colors haven't bled when washed, they haven't shrunk. Very colorful and comfortable.

    The only thing I would change is smaller size ranges. Personally I think the leg bands and waist band have too much elastic but that's a side effect of supporting such a large size range. Doesn't impact wearability at all, just a personal thing.

    Can't comment on popduds. I saw the website before but they didn't have anything that appealed.

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    If your looking for other kid like underwear check out Ginch Gonch brand undies.

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    I have seen popduds before, I was more interested in the ones I posted because they have actual cartoon characters on them. For me, thats a bigger deal and make them feel more childish. Anyways, was just hoping that someone would find this useful as I said before and covvie backs up, they are some real good quality.

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    They're pretty cute! I think the fake opening thing (like for when a guy has to pee) is a bit lame though. And a girly design would be great, but I would wear them. (not getting them though. I think they're sold anyway)

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    You could always ask for a custom pair of girly ones, it says so at the bottom of the auction. I had to get my pair a bit custom as I was out of the waist sizing range that they were made for...

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    I just though of a place that has some pretty nice underwear and training pants. They're a bit expensive but they seem to be pretty good quality. Cre8tiveStyle4U

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