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Thread: I Need a Li'l Help, Pwetty Pwease!

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    Default I Need a Li'l Help, Pwetty Pwease!

    Well, I have a furry story on here that I really want to get a response on. However, it's a serious furry slice-of-life, not a babyfur story. I would post it on Yiffstar, but I'm not old enough for an account and I don't want my real SERIOUS works on a fake account.

    Does anyone know any sites that sponsor furry stories that are Mature and a Series, not One-Shots?

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    you can post it on mine but know one ever comes to the site anymore
    so hmm i remember going to this one but i can't remember the site name i'll edit this if i remeber

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    Furaffinity would probably be your best bet. I don't really know of any other furry sites that accept stories

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    Unfortunately I already have an FA account. So... =\

    Thanks for the help, everyone, though.

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    Default is part of yiff star but clean and for all ages.

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    Like others have said try out Index -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    Other then that I don't really know any other places.

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