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Thread: I wanna buy some stuff but scared :(

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    Default I wanna buy some stuff but scared :(

    I wanna go buy some things while I've got the house to myself for the week, but I'm scared

    I was going to order some more Abenas and have it 2nd day air'd here, but that'd be like $40 and that's all I've got to spend What's the best store bought diapers out there and what else should I get while I'm here alone. Just walk in and buy a paci and bottle and Depends, look weird wouldn't it

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    Stagger it some, Bryce. Grab the Depends from one place and the bottle and pacifier from another. I imagine that if there's one easily-accessible general store around, there's another one like it right around there, no?

    In the long run, my friend, don't worry about what people think -- just buy your stuff and roll. Don't be ashamed to realize the kind of lengths you need to go to to satisfy yourself. If making yourself happy requires you to buy a pacifier, a bottle, and a pack of Depends within full sight of people you might be afraid would look upon you strangely, screw them -- make yourself happy first and foremost.

    Besides, the adrenaline rush might be a blast!

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    I might drive into the next town/city or whatever they're called and buy from diff. stores. I still wished I could get some more abenas Depends aren't going to be good enough now

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    If you buy those things together, the juxaposition would be different to if you bought the diapers in one store, then got a paci or bottle etc from another store or a different day and cashier.

    You buying baby things means as much to the cashier as you buying a cabbage, usually. If they do comment, the less you say, the better in my opinion, because when you begin to reel off a story, they see the cracks and see you're nervous.

    If you see someone you know on the way home, and you have shopping in your hands, they just might ask what you've been buying, but they wouldn't ask what's in a back pack or normal bag you carry, unless it looks very heavy or they are nosy!

    Only do what you're happy with doing, but know that often our self-consciousness makes us believe everyone is looking at and thinking about us, when actually, we are just being anxious.

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    Anyone know how long it would take to get a sample of bambinos? Think I'd get them before the week was out, like by Wednesday if ordered Monday morning?

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    If all else fails you can use the stuffing method listed on here. Grab some baby diapers and some cheapo wal-greens brand diapers and make a frankendiaper.

    Personally I'm more of a fan of the small medical supply shops. I have found one locally that stocks the full line and size range of Molicares. I would rather have Bambinos, but sometimes I am lazy and don't want to mess with delivery and wait times.

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    That's a good idea. I'm going to go looking up some medical shops around here. Maybe they'll have some decent ones right?

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    I would get some more moneys. Then go and order what you want from XPmedical. Since abenas are the best. And then use the steath stagger plan for your other stuff?

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    Just go to the store and buy what you want. You're an adult... it's not illegal, and noone will give it a second thought.

    If you are really that worried about being seen by anyone you may know... get in your car and drive 10-15 miles away to a store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryce View Post
    I might drive into the next town/city or whatever they're called and buy from diff. stores. I still wished I could get some more abenas Depends aren't going to be good enough now
    The Medical Supply Superstore in Durham has Attends, First Quality, and Prevail.

    Family Medical supply in Cary had IQP (Invacare), FQ, Prevail, and Kendall.

    If you don't mind driving to Greensboro (about an hour) Guilford Medical Supply has Tenas, which are my favorite cloth covered diapers. There is usually an older lady tending the register in the afternoons. Last time I bought from there I told her "we needed the Supers because Mother was having to take Lasix to lose some fluid". Her response was "Oooh yes, that sure does make it go right through, doesn't it?"

    McPhails in Erwin had Medline briefs a while back, and may still. I know they have Attends, FQ, and Kendall Wings. They're also about an hour's drive from RAL.

    PM me if you need directions to any of them.

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