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Thread: Former Member Baby Kiffer (now Kif)

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    Default Former Member Baby Kiffer (now Kif)

    Hello again ADISC,

    It has not been too long since I left this website, formerly known as Baby Kiffer. It has felt far longer than the actual time, however.

    For one thing, I am surprised that I was able to re-register, and I wanted to both make you aware that I am former member "Baby Kiffer" (I don't want confuse anybody) and to offer my thanks for the opportunity to re-register.

    My primary motives for leaving were mostly to completely vacate from this infantile part of myself--and I suppose to do so meant to leave this community and to know that I was alone to figure things out.

    Since I have left, I have undergone quite a bit of growth as both a person in general (which includes my infantile self) and as an artist.

    Art has become my primary motive for expression in these regards, and I do not expect to post to this website as much as I used to before I left ADISC. However, I cannot ever tell entirely how things will change once I begin school again. My future will likely be stressful, but also will be more relaxed than before.

    I am happy to return to ADISC once again, and this time I intend to stay.

    Best Regards,


    For those of you who have now known me, know that I am an artist, musician, and intellectual. I am kind, thoughtful, and I respect the boundaries of others. I have learned that diapers do not define infantilism, but they can be an integral part of infantilism. And as such, it is necessary to accept and be proud of the fact that I wear diapers to fulfill part of an emotional need. Ultimately, though, it is friendship and love which fills this void--not diapers.

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    Welcome back Kif; make yourself at home.

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    I remember you, Kif! Welcome back to ADISC and hope you'll stick around.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    So you have more than one account on here...?
    I should not have more than one account, if I am correct. See the requests forum (sorry, I can't link posts quite yet).

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    Welcome back, Kif. we had some good talks in the old days, and probably will again.

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