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Thread: Collars And your opinons.

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    Default Collars And your opinons.

    Bought my first collars today at Petsmart. Just simple nylon red and blue but still cute.

    So what are everyones opinions on collars good, bad, cute, freaky?

    Personally I think they're cute when furry related. But outside of that they can get a little freaky. I mean some guy dressed all in black with white makeup and a spiked collar is a little intimidating

    And would you ever wear a collar outside?

    For me I'd have to say no, unless it was at a con.

    Post pics of your collars if you have any

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    I have a collar, don't wear it outside of cons (when I used to go), I'm just not all accessory-based. It's black leather with round studs. Pretty standard.

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    Agh, I want one so bad! D:
    I love the tag on your blue one, it's way cute. :3

    I think collars are cute in a furry sense and also in a Dom/sub relationship, both of which I'd wear mine for, hehe.

    I'd wear a collar outside, if it was a nice leather one. Sometimes you can pass them off as chokers or just "being cool." If it was a nylon one, I wouldn't wear it around, as you put nylon ones on your pets. Does that make sense?

    As soon as I get my collar, I'll post a pic. :3

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    My collar has disappeared :cryhankie:

    Though I used to wear it everywhere. It was a black pleather dog collar that I had shortened and added a notch to, to better fit me. Then I hung a medium size jingle bell from a looped necklace chain about an inch down. I wore it all the time outside of work, and it's driving me mad I can't find it.

    Though I plan to get a really awesome custom one done from the collar factory. I need to wait till I know I can spend the money because it'll be a doozy.

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    :bf-petkitty:Aww sorry Mako maybe it'll turn up. I want to order one from the Collar Factory too but I'm going back to school so I have to watch my money.

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    I had one buy my chewing habit got the best of it and i havent had the chance to get a new one. Tho next time i think i will buy a pack. And I need new tags. I lost my old ones.

    As for wearing outside, i have a few times. A few girls thought it was cute, one asked me where my leash was then smiled chuckleing and went off

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    I wore a plain black nylon one for years, 24/7. I eventually stopped when I realized it was causing wear to my shirt collars.

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    I'd wear one but I am not a furry. Don't think I would have a tag with my name on it though.

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    The only collar I have is the one that goes around my waist: My belt

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    If I had a collar it would be blue with an old fashion gold disc that had my name on it. I would wear it everywhere and try to pass it off as a choker.

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