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Thread: Man racks up 17 digit credit card bill!

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    Talking Man racks up 17 digit credit card bill!

    BBC NEWS | Americas | US smoker chokes on cost of habit

    A man in the United States popped out to his local petrol station to buy a pack of cigarettes - only to find his card charged $23,148,855,308,184,500.
    That is $23 quadrillion (14 quadrillion) - many times the US national debt.
    "I thought somebody had bought Europe with my credit card," said Josh Muszynski, from New Hampshire.
    He says his appeals to his bank first met with little understanding, though it eventually corrected the error.
    It also waived the usual $15 overdraft fee.
    "It was all back to normal," Mr Muszynski told his local television station, WMUR. "They reversed the negative balance fee, which was nice."
    Debt crisis
    His nightmare began when he checked his online bank account a few hours after buying the cigarettes.
    He thought he would be a couple of hundred dollars in the black. But his overdraft had pushed him into the red - by an amount equivalent to many times the entire US national debt.
    "It is a lot of money in the negative," he said. "Something I could never, ever, afford to pay back.
    "My children could not afford it, grandchildren, nothing like that."
    In panic, Mr Muszynski rushed back to the petrol station, but they were unable to help. He says he then spent two hours on the phone with the Bank of America.
    Eventually, it assured him it would be fixed - and the next morning, it had been.
    But no-one has yet explained to Mr Muszynski how such a astonishing error could have been made.
    Discuss. Also what would you do if you found out you suddenly had a 17 digit dept?

    Those must of been some damn good cigarettes for 23 quadrillion a pack.
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    1. I'd never have that high a debt.
    2. I wouldn't care about the quality because i wouldn't smoke them.

    But that's pretty funny. I think there might have been a communications error between the station and the banks' computer.

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    To quote the wise Trevor from IRC: "<@Trevor> It's an expensive habit."

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    Hm, sounds like a great way to pay for the economic stimulus package . All we need is a few people to buy cigarettes and we're set.

    But nah, you beat me to it I was actually on my way to make a thread about this haha. That's pretty awesome. I'd actually be pretty amused if that happened to me and I got to call the bank and explain.

    I wouldn't really have any problem with this as long as the amount was so absurd that they'd know it was really a mistake, haha.

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    That would have fallen me into panic and given me a meltdown because of my anxiety. I would not know what to do. I know the solution to talk to your bank now if that ever happens to me.

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    1. Proves that YES computers can be WRONG sometimes.
    2. I could BUY all the tobacco companies with that much And Abena... and Bambinos... and... well... I'd buy everything n.n

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    Ouch, thats a huge debt. Just goes to show how some of the financial institutions make errors which could be a reason they went under

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    That is solid proof that there are bugs even in the banking industry. That to me looks like a classic one-in-a-million bug; that is, a bug that was never found by the coders and only had the slimmest chance of being used. Somewhere in his transaction; be it the numbers that triggered it, or the path, or what else; triggered that bug and caused his credit card to be charged a ridiculous random amount of money, plus $15. What strikes it as hilarious is that the system pretty much said: "By buying that pack of cigarettes, you now owe the bank $23,148,855,308,184,500. On top of that, you also owe us $15 for overdraft."

    Now who the hell would do that? If I owed that much, do you really think I would pay $15 in overdraft? I don't think so.

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