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Thread: Used Cars?

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    Default Used Cars?

    HEy could someone give me an idea for what type of used car to search for? I need one that is around $2000-2400 or under that, that is fuel efficent. Any ideas???

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    You could check Keep in mind that some of those cars aren't always reliable. I'd look to see if they had a Carfax report so you can see if it had and problems. You probably won't find any recently made car for that price range.

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    I would go to someplace like CarSoup - Change Locations and do a search to see what you get for results. I know in that price range, its probably going to have higher milage and somewhat older, but you should find something Good Luck

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    Check your local Craigslist. If you aren't picky you can snag an A-B ride for that much. I paid $2000 for my 90 Beretta GTZ.

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    High mileage can be okay... just take a good test drive and really feel out the owner. Does the car look clean... too clean?

    My Beretta has 125,xxx on the motor... but I am the second owner... and the first kept meticulous records of every service... so it's in pretty good shape, for a $2000 car.

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    wow nice, ya don't worry, I know how to read people and check for all that stuff, I just need some brands that I should search

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    I've always been biased towards Geo Metros. They have the best gas mileage I've ever seen, but they stopped making them in 2001.

    I've also heard that Toyota Echos are pretty nice.

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    Find yourself a decent honda, you should be able to get something in your price range, if you were here in the Northeast I would gladly help you.

    I have spent the past 30+years buying and selling cars, craigslist has some decent bargins it is a good place to look

    Buy something that is not so pretty but runs good, you can always get a better deal on a car if it needs paint work, don't go for pretty it costs more than it''s worth, go for drivablilty///

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    Whatever you get, take it to a mechanic and ask them to check the entire car over.

    Think of it as the best $50-$100 you'll ever spend.

    If you don't want to do that, AT LEST pull the spark plugs and look at them. Feel around the engine compartment for squishy hoses.

    If you don't even want to do that, then you may as well hand your money over to me--I'll at least write you a nice story for $2,000.

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