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  • I have bath toys.

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  • I want bath toys.

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  • I don't want bath toys.

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  • I use bubble bath to make bubbles, silly OP.

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  • I use hair/body soap to make my bubbles.

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  • I dont like bubbles.

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  • For the BUBBLES!!!! <<---

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Thread: The bathtub and you :)

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    Default The bathtub and you :)

    Ok on a less creepy note than my title lol

    Read all this rambling first then vote plz.

    The idea behind this poll is your AVG bath. Like when no one is home and you can go relax. Do you have bath toys?? do you have bubbles and so on....

    Its not about your PERFECT bath. But your more than welcome to add that

    My post:

    Well I do have a rubber ducky an a few bath toys.
    For bubbles I use some irish spring body wash. This stuf really bubbles up

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    Wow, i haven't even considered taking a bath in ages... I think mainly because my mom would always nag me about all the water i would waste just to fill up the tub haha

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    My parents yell at me for taking a five minute shower, how do you think they would react if I took a half hour bath?

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    i use bath and body works soap to make bubblies :3
    i dont play with not interested and i think they get all mildewy and uckie
    uhhh baths are good my phycical therapist wants me to do ankle excersises in them ><
    :3 i should go take a bath now

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    I love baths, but I rarely have the time to take one. My only bathtub in the house is a large "Jacuzzi" style tub with jets and such, but its a royal pain in the ass to use because it takes 15 minutes to fill with my crappy water pressure. I've just started using it a lot more, as I have recently discovered that I got the genetic short straw, and my back hurts almost constantly.

    I usually just chill out for a bit and enjoy the soothing water jets. The best part is that its big enough for the wife to join in the bubbly fun

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    I love baths!

    But I don't have any bath toys, nor do I want them. I just enjoy relaxing.

    Who doesn't like bubble bath though?

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    I haven't had a bath in a long time. I don't really like them because i'm a little too tall to fit comfortably in the tub. I like to fit most of me into the water because it's nice and warm. I think I'll stick to showers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    Who doesn't like bubble bath though?
    Karl Rove.

    Anyways.. I like bubble baths but not toys, least not anymore.

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    I have Jeff, the rubber duckie, and I used to have a bottle of Teletubbies bubble bath (birthday gift from my brother), but it's empty now.

    However, this poll is rather pointless....I can't make see a pattern from the current votes.

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