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Thread: VLC Media Player vs Windows Media Player

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    Default VLC Media Player vs Windows Media Player

    I've noticed somethings, the audio is better on VLC than Windows MP. I have been using that since I've had to use earplug phones instead of my hearing aid cause it's not working right.

    I swear, I am becoming a fan of VLC over Windows Media Player. Man, Bill Gates needs to get an idea that people like to adjust volume and shit and use a better program than what he does.


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    VLC wins over WMP hands down.
    Windows Media Player just... sucks.
    I find that a lot of freeware surpasses the software that comes with computer. I think it's comparable to mom-and-pop stores usually being better than places like Wal-Mart.

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    vlc is the best hands down. It plays almost anything you put in it were WMP can't.

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    I use GOM because it has so many ways to tweak things. If you need a player that will work with pretty much any codec, and do it reliably, MP is not the way to go. If you need something to work great every time, it's VLC or GOM.

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    Moved to Computers&games forum...cause it's about computer software.

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    i use VLCplayer on my lappie :_) , mainly because it has a natively built in Last.FM subbitter, which is pretty nice, when you are on the move, and listening some MP3's

    though, i use MPClassic:HC on my main PC, because its (at least for me) easier that way to hook my PC up to my TV, and watch Anime in a hi-resolution <3

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    I use MPClassic 95% of the time, except when I find a file it can't play, or I'm watching an anime with softsubs (which MPC doesn't support )

    But on the discussion of VLC vs. WMP?? VLC wins hands down. Built-in codecs, plays everything under the sun, AND runs on multiple OS's

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    Eh, VLC's great for codec support, but the interface is terrible, disorganized, and there's so much feature creep and bloat that I really only use it if I have to.

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