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Thread: Holy crap

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    Default Holy crap

    A freakin bear ripped a hole through my garage door! And ATE MY GARBAGE!


    There's a bear shaped hole in my garage door, and trash is all over the place. seriously, this is the craziest thing to happen to my garage.

    they said the bears were getting aggressive, but i didn't expect them to RIP A HOLE IN MY GARAGE TO EAT MY GARBAG!

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    Conversation heard earlier last night: "Hey, Booboo, let's go down to Chillhouse's place and eat some tasty garbage?"

    (Our bear just craps in our lawn and on our bridge).

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    Got any pictures?

    (To determine exactly which of my kin is responsible)

    But seriously Chillhouse, I hope everything is alright. Good thing you weren't harmed! Bears are scary creatures. This is by far the wildest thing I've seen in quite some time.

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    we have Bear crossing signs bear cub was trying to eat MY berries.....

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    Unfortunatly, I didn't get any photos of the bear (or bears). I wasn't home when it happened. It happened overnight, while I was passed out on my friends lawn (heh) on the other side of town.

    I wouldn't have been able to take any photos anyway because the only camera I own is an SLR from the 80's. And my webcam which is built into my laptop, and I'm not about to chase bears around with a computer. plus it hasnt worked ever since i installed ubuntu

    But I believe the culprit looked something like this:

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    This probably isn't as uncommon as it seems. Bears around urban/suburban areas tend to lose their fear of people and if desperate for food will attack cars/residences that represent a potential food source.

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    Wow, makes me glad I live in the UK where my biggest wild invasion problem is a crane fly when the light is on and the windows are open! Hehe. Having bears around must be scary!

    I'm imagining a cartoon-esque bear shaped hole in your garage door, complete with jagged furry outer and ear shapes and everything. If you could take a pic of your garage door, that'd be cool.

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    That's pretty cool and funny!! I never thought I would hear something like this at all. This is a first.

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