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Thread: Hi, everyone!

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    Smile Hi, everyone!

    Greetings! First of all, I must say I'm greatly impressed by this site and also very happy to find people who share my fetish but are also willing to discuss other things. Glad I found you!

    I live in Finland's capital, Helsinki, where I'll hopefully begin my studies next fall. I'm a huge freak for history, literature and a bundle of other humanistic sciences, and I've daydreamed about entering the local university for the longest time.
    I love reading, and spend more on books then I should I also enjoy writing (poetry and short stories), live- and tabletop roleplaying, being social and working out on a semi-regular basis. I guess I'm quite geeky in my hobbies I see myself as a patient, good-humoured and social personality, whose sense of humour sometimes gets a bit too crackpot. Personally, I blame Monty Python for that! I'm also somewhat into the local heavy metal/goth scene, and have a penchant for tattoos & piercings.

    I've liked diapers pretty much for as long as I can remember, but only really learned to accept this side of myself during the last two years. It has really helped me to achieve a more positive outlook on myself and life in general. What was once a source of self-loathing and insecurity has become something of a neat quirk and way of relieving stress, which is quite neat IMO. I also enjoy the sense of irony that comes from having a huge mohawk and wearing black in public and wearing a diaper and drinking from a bottle in private I'm also extremely lucky to have a girlfriend who accepts and occasionally indulges my AB side.

    Well, sorry if my introductionn got too rambling/cluttered, but I hope you have the patience to read it all the same. Nice to meet y'all!

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    Hey dude! Don't worry, your ramblings are quite welcome here :P
    And glad to hear things have gotten better for you, I can completely relate to your situation

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    Hello, and welcome to the awesome site, known as ADISC.
    What type of books do you like? I have only read crime stories when it comes to books. :P

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    Thanks, Magic and amon! It's nice to get replies in such a short time.

    Well, I read A LOT and all kinds of books, really, from classics through scifi into comics. I read quite a lot of history (mostly medieval) and novels, I prefer stories with atleast a tint of the uncommon, supernatural or whatever.. The books that I tend to veer away from are the most clichéd fantasy/scifi novels, such as Dragonlance and their ilk. Crime stories, I'm afraid, aren't really my thing (though no offence to anyone who feels differently).

    I guess I'd have to list speculative fiction and 'new wierd' as my favourite type(s) of literature.. Dantes Divine Comedy is a good example of the type of classics I find interesting.

    amon, which crime authors do you enjoy? Are Doyle and Agatha Christie your thing, or do you go for something more modern?
    Magic, did you use to have a problem accepting the fetishist side of yourself?

    Yep, I could go on and on and on and ON about books..

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    Haha I love that you have a moawk and wear black and stuff in public. I am like that to , just no mohawk yet

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    Hey Welcome. It's always nice to see how far ranging are group has become. Don't know if we've ever had anyone from Finland until now. Sounds like you are an avid reader. Look forward to your ramblings here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bookykitten View Post
    Magic, did you use to have a problem accepting the fetishist side of yourself?
    I don't just relate with that point, but yes I did, and actually I still have a bit of trouble, but not NEARLY as much as I used to! It has made me a lot happier to accept myself as I am lately, and I have found myself an understanding girl as well

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    A lot of us, if not most, have trouble at first accepting this side of ourselves at first but everything gets better after we do find that comfort zone. Though a mohawk and a diaper sounds so bad-ass but cute.

    It's great to see such an awesometastical new member. I especially approve of anything that promotes more prominence of kitties on ADISC. ^-^

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    Nice! imo longer the introductions, the better! as long as people have heard of paragraphs, spacing, and spelling. =D

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