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Thread: Diapering Plushies & Dolls

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    Default Diapering Plushies & Dolls

    After seeing a few plushies in the "Plushie pictures" thread diapered, I was wondering if anyone does this as well?

    And with the dolls part of this, are they "older" dolls in looks? Like American Girl ones or others of that type!!

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    I did it once to my rat I have. It didn't work well I just a napkin well at first it was great lol. Then after 1 night it riped :\

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    Hehe n.n Well, I like going to build a bear workshop and they have a selection of diapers, onesies, bottles, what have ya... and also I posted something on FA to this effect n.n and some people had diapered plushes. My fox just hangs onto my pacifier for me, but if i can get some little diapers i'd totally have every one of my bedside family padded! here's the link --> POST YOUR PLUSHES!!! by Jeffy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

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    I have also done this. I went out and bought some cloth diapers, diaper pins and onsies and dressed up two of my plushies.

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    My sisters did that with their dolls and stuff, but I have stuffed killer whales so it's hard to diaper them! LOL!!!.


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    Personally I consider all of my soft play pals to be "plushies" even when they are human. DebDeb is an especially large rag doll. In this photo DebDeb is wearing a pinned gauze diaper inside a pair of infant waterproof panties. Those are classic 1991 vintage "Rubber Duckies" which went out of production about 1993. They were very comfortable. The basic material was a synthetic fabric coated on the inside with a rubbery waterproofing. The colors were vivid as you can see.
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    I have mentioned in the past my plushies are life sized dolls. For the lack of a better term, "Love Dolls". Not the cheep inflatable things one might think of first but pricier solid jobs. OK I have 1 cheep-O they are a place to start. I have diapered one and posted photos in the doll forum I belong to. I also did a "Bratz in diaper with wine" post there. They do not allow pic linking, sorry. It's an 18+ site so I can't post link. I'd like to do more but they don't know I'm DL and I prefer to keep it that way. Thats a big hint if you find me there! If their is interest and no doll bashers I might post a few shots here.
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    I've never done this, and I have no interest to. I prefer a plush to be naked. They are just more cuddly that way.

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    I diapered a couple of my bears recently. Figured I had enough of them lying around, could try it.

    Friends & nieces noticed them when they visited a week or so ago. Since it was the first time they visited there was a quick tour that was only partially guided. Almost certain that their parents (my ex-roommates) saw some of the baby diaper stash in one of my closets. There was also one adult one left out in another closet.

    *sigh* Didn't prep well for that visit.

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    The only thing I'll ever have Buzzy dressed in is what he is wearing in my avi picture. I wouldn't like him in a diaper.

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