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Thread: Hey from CT

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    Smile Hey from CT

    Hey everyone, im a tbdl boy from CT saying hello. Hope to meet a lot of people here.

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC ^_^

    Do you want to tell us a bit more about yourself?

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    Hi neighbor, welcome to our community. Have a blast looking around, and see what trouble you can get into by posting in some of the more interesting forums.

    Meeting people involves both getting to know them and letting them know a bit about you. How about saying a little about who and what you are?

    /me is AB/DL with a tiny bit of fur in there too. computer geek, photography hobbyist, cars & handy things in general. I'm around late at night, New York time...

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    okay here's a more proper intro:

    About me: My real name is Jared, i really could care less if you give me some sort on nickname, whatever. Born Jan 10, 1994. In school I don't care much for most subjects except for history. It still puzzles me but I enjoy learning about history so much. I absolutely love sports and anything outdoors. My favorite sports are football and lacrosse. I play both for my high school team and its by far my favorite part of my first year of high school. I do enjoy video games and movies as well. The only video game i currently play as of right now is Halo 3. Make fun of me COD fan boys but I LOVE Halo. In general I like most genres of movies but my favorite series is Godzilla.

    Personality: I'm a respectful guy who tries to bring the best of people. My friend Ali put it best when "You're not really wild enough to be the kind of guy a girl wants to date in high school, but you are the one they will all want to marry." I do want to date a girl and hopefully soon. I mean who really wants to say they went dateless during high school, which are supposed to be your best years?

    Diapers and the "sexy time" thoughts (Mature Content but I feel since this is or will be as I get older I have to include it): I don't know how, but i think when I was around 10 I realized I like diapers. Myself I am a TB/DL. I guess my other fetishes would include: latex, pvc, and rubber, bondage, and a small foot fetish

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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    Well, I'm new myself, but I guess I'm allowed to be a part of the welcome wagon Nice to meet another history enthusiast, do you have a time period or area you find particularly interesting? History is both interesting and useful in understanding the current workings of the world.

    I wouldn't worry too much about dating. I should think that there are plenty of girls around who'll appreciate someone who is kind, shows them respect and is willing to listen to them. A wild and outgoing personality propably helps to get people to notice you, but a serious relationship will most likely need something a bit more substantial in addition. Just my , but I think that if you are comfortable with who you are and genuinely respectful towards other people, then it should be far from impossible to get a date.

    Or that's what I've come to believe, anyway For my part, welcome to the site!

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    Quote Originally Posted by teenABDLboy88 View Post
    In school I don't care much for most subjects except for history. It still puzzles me but I enjoy learning about history so much.
    I take it you've read James Burke's Connections?

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    Welcome to this site teenABDLboy88.

    I hope you like this site.
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