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    Hello everyone!

    This seems like a large and friendly community, so I decided it couldn't hurt to join. I found this site when I was searching for something else (I can't really remember what, though...) and after reading through some of the posts I decided it might be worth joining up.

    I'm a little wary of posting too much personal information. I'm still pretty conflicted about the whole diaper thing because it feels like a contradiction to the personality I feel is at my core; independent, ambitious, and strong. There's an aspect of myself that views liking wearing diapers as a weakness to be hidden from others, lest it is exploited and used against me. Because of this, and my past involvement in various communities (including furry, ab/dl groups, babyfurs, etc.), I don't really want to post anything that could be used to link to my RL identity. This of course is subject to change should I grow a little more comfortable with this aspect of myself. That is indeed a part of my reasoning for joining this community, to sort out whether or not I want to accept this part of myself, or delete it.

    Now, on to the things that I feel comfortable sharing. Despite my conflicted feelings on this hobby, I find myself wearing diapers a LOT. I'd say five days out of every seven I'm diapered round-the-clock. I consider myself primarily a diaper lover. I've flirted with the AB side of things, but I've found that it's really not my style. I am not very submissive, and while I love having my diaper changed by someone else I usually prefer to think of it in a mutually respectful context, rather than a power dynamic. Under the right conditions I can get kind of cubby, but those times are very rare.

    I work in the IT industry and am just starting classes at an art school. I've considered becoming a furry artist, but I'm a little concerned about being pigeonholed and losing out on bigger opportunities due to having that kind of association. It's things like this that really express the conflict between my ambitions and my...generally misunderstood, shall we say...interests/hobbies. Perhaps I'm too paranoid, but I do not like leaving many things to chance and tend to prefer calculated risks.

    Well, that's about it for now. Please feel free to ask me questions, I love meeting new people. Also, please do not view my personal conflict with this hobby as any sort of attack; I do NOT believe there is anything WRONG with the ab/dl lifestyle, or furry for that matter. I simply haven't determined whether it's hypocritical or on some level personally dishonest for me to partake of it.

    Kindest Regards,

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    Hiya and welcome to the forum. I've had some of the same feelings as you about revealing my RL, so I just add some of the basics. And the people I get to know and trust will then see me via pics I can send them or if they are real nice, I will give them my facebook acct lol. Anywho welcome and enjoy your stay

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    I think considering the negative stigma attached to these interests many people try to keep their real life seperate from their *B/DL side. As you are unsure about this bit of yourself you may want to look at the ADISC wiki article on acceptance at your age it is unlikely to be a phase and that article may help you reconcile your two halves.

    Apart from that this is also one of the best first introductions I have read, containing all that is advised to put in it, did you read "how to make an introduction" by any chance? (I did and mine still wasn't as good )


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    Thank you for the welcome, babydia and WW.

    WW, you nailed it, I did indeed read the "How to make an introduction" post . I figured it would be best to follow what was suggested. I'll have to take a look at that wiki, I saw it mentioned in another post but didn't follow the link. Sounds like an interesting resource.

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    Welcome to our community, I'm sure you will be comfortable sharing your feelings and experiences here. We are largely in the same situation, hiding our identities and proclivities from the general public. In fact, there are probably fewer than five members who have given out enough information for them to be identified. so don't feel that you're withholding anything from us.

    Again, welcome, and I'll see you around.

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