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Thread: Found a cheap way to keep pails smelling fresher

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    Default Found a cheap way to keep pails smelling fresher

    Through my careless disposal of a Glade plug in refill I found that my garbage wasnt as smelly as it usually is, so I decided to experiment with this on my diaper pail and found the next day that it was 10x more fresher.You see the trick is to throw a new Glade plug in and let the fragrant oil leak out the side thus the strong smelling oils then take over the inside of the pail and make it smell fresher, but the only downfall is that it only covers up the smell and doesnt really work against the real strong odors, but it makes the task of disposing of used diapers alot more pleasant because when you open the pail you dont have to deal with all that odor. Also, if you are allergic to fragrant oils, a dash of baking soda will work as well.

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    I'd rather eliminate the odor than cover it up. Just keep the trash taken out regularly.

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    Well I dont wear 24/7. But I only wet my diapers on the day I know I need to take the trash out.
    That seems to keep the smell down very very well.

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    This may seem a little bit weird, but I dispose of my used diapers using those plastic sleeves that the newspaper comes. I put it inside the sleeve and tie a secure knot and place it inside a diaper pail. I also put de-odorizing cat litter in the pail too. I empty the contents into a heavy trash bag when the garbage goes out. The garbage truck passes like twice a week. So the used diapers are never kept in my closet for more than 3 days at any time.

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    I wear cloth diapers and I'm not about to wash them everyday. As long as I keep the lid closed I can't smell them and nothing is going to really cover up the smell of those diapers when I open that lid. I have tried various diaper pail deodorizers, but they only do so much.

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    I use an awesome product called FreshWave. It comes in a jar, and it's these squishy little balls of gel that takes the smell of anything out of the air. Only problem is it's extremely expensive so I have to use it sparingly.

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    Thanks for the advice!

    I would much rather just put my used diapers in an individual bag and take them out when I use them. I, dont wear 24/7 of course so it might be different if you do.

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    Thanks for reminding me. I was supposed to change my Air Wick a couple weeks ago.

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