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    after you start wearing 24/7. And after amount of time do you gain somewhat version of incontinence? Or just a comfterble feeling and just let it go? And have full control. Whos accually went all the way and got incontinent wearing 24/7? Im just going to do 24/7 for a week and see how everything plays out. Any tips?
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    For a week you really wont notice anything at all, i've been full time for over half a year now and all i have noticed is i have lower amount of time i can hold it back

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    It takes several months of strict 24/7 wearing before your body becomes acclimated to wearing and using diapers. One week won't make any difference in the long term.

    I've been 24/7 for 15 months now... and if I go without diapers for any significant period of time I do run the risk of having an accident. Most of the time I get only a few moments warning before I start wetting.

    I can't tell you exactly when this started... it was a gradual change over time... and I'm sure that my control will continue to degrade as time goes on, which I am prepared to accept.

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    Depends on who you are.
    I have a (self-diagnosed) nervous problem.
    I havn't worn diapers in a year until reciently and I wet the bed and leak sometimes.


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    My advice:

    Do one week and see how it goes. Do another and another and another for several years and extend the time to several weeks if you are inclined.

    When you are wearing, try to relax your pelvic muscles and if you feel any urge to go, no matter how little, do it. Eventually it becomes easier to wet without pushing. Pushing too hard is bad anyway - trust me on this.

    You won't experience full on incontinence, but eventually long term 24/7 use will condition you to just let go instead of holding back. Catheters have issues, but would give you instant incontinence. Not recommended.


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    I feel that after wearing diapers sporadicly for 7 years (14-21) I have lost some of the total bladder control, after peeing there tends to be a little left that I dont account for. As well as the false feeling of needing to pee

    But as far as total incontinence goes idk because I have not been that devoted of a wearer. I feel that over any period of time using diapers there is a chance for your bladder to function differently,

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    Every time I put on a diaper I get into the "zone" where I naturally relax and wet when I have anything in my bladder. If I have been wearing for the entire day then switch back to normal underwear sometimes I have to remember I'm not wearing a diaper and I need to hold it.

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