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Thread: how bad do you get the urge to masturbate?

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    Default how bad do you get the urge to masturbate?

    i've stopped masturbating for a few days now and it's such an intense feeling. my whole body feels like it's throbbing every so often. my blood is coursing all the way down and then back up into my ears. i have to mentally clear my head and breathe deeply to get the urges to stop. it sucks.
    my question is how often do you masturbate and have you ever tried stopping for a decent length of time? how did you feel after or even during?

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    Hmm, I used to do it one or more times per day. I guess that was just puberty though because now I hardly ever do it. I do it maybe once a month, probably less than that

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    I used to do it three times a day @[email protected] Of course, one of the expected effects of my transitional regime of medication is that my sex drive diminished a lot in the traditional sense. Does this mean I'm any less horny? Not at all. Just that I now crave pleasure in many different ways, and find just stroking to be boring and uneventful D:

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    i do every day, but sometimes i don't i i know i haven't got the chance to have a bath after.

    But, once i done three times in a single day, but on the third time, it kind felt weird and made my balls hurt and ake :p

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    I don't do it much (honest!).
    It ranges from 7 times to 0 times a week... Probably averaging at 3.
    The only thing that happens to me if I go from a decent amount of time without is that I end up having a wet dream (or wet nightmare! ).

    I do get that massive urge to masturbate sometimes, for me it's not to do with going time without doing it, it's just because of random horniness.

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    I generally do it in the morning and evening. But only when I have the chance. That means I'm alone and don't have to worry that someone comes barging in, not wearing diapers (diapers and masturbating are 2 separate things to me) and I feel like it. I rarely do it during the day but it happens (Yea I know, I do it quite a bit)

    And as far as I know I don't get anything from not doing it (apart from the already earlier mentioned wet dream)

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    I did a lot a few years back, but not nearly as often now.
    And I do remember not doing it for days, maybe weeks at a time - it became a kind of habit, but when I decided to stop for a few days I'd forget all about it and not do it again for weeks - then would remember again and hence the urges would come on strong (no pun intended!)

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    I do it on average... twice a day.

    But when I was around 16 I actually stopped doing it for a few weeks to see what sort of effect it had on me.

    It did nothing. I didn't get any urges, I didn't get an increase in wet dreams, and I didn't end up a gibbering sex-starved maniac.


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