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Thread: Diaper Vending machine

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    Default Diaper Vending machine

    Has anyone ever heard of these existing? I am thinking of purchasing a vending machine and stocking it with diapers (baby-Adult) and placing it at a local travelers center on the highway. What do you all think of this idea and have you ever seen or heard of one of these?

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    I've heard of some of our members talking about diaper vending machines in the restrooms of stores, so they must exist. However, you wouldn't be able to just put one in a travel center. You have to have a vendor's license, and you would have to get permission, otherwise, it would just be removed. That said, my next door neighbor made a very good living by putting game machines into establishments, so good that he had his house, a lake house, and a large sailboat moored on the Potomac River, so this is something you can do. You just have to find out how to go about it legally.

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    hahahaha... that would be awesome!!!! I could just imagine a diaper vending machine at a rest stop for adults. I know they have the baby ones in bathrooms and such... but I bet an adult one at a rest stop my actually get purchases.

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    That sounds pretty sweet. yeah if you go about it through the proper channels i bet you would make some money...

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    I like the arcade machine idea. I'm not sure if the diaper vending machine would make quite as much though. Possibly if you put it/them in restrooms, like dogboy mentioned, you could make a bit of money.

    Overall I like the idea. ^_^

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    Oh ya, I am in this business a bit, I have the licenses and papers to do this legally, I even have a space rented out at a travelers center to do this at.

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    I have heard of baby diaper vending machines... usually seen in store restrooms. I have never heard of adult diaper vending machines.

    Not to cast a shadow on your plans... but these machines are ridiculously expensive, and I doubt you would get much in sales from them. Most people who need diapers carry more than enough with them... and though it may be your fantasy for TB/DLs to be able to purchase diapers discreetly through a vending machine... it doesn't really happen that often in real life.

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    My Wal-Mart has one in the restroom. I tried putting a dollar worth of quarters in there years ago and... WTF, the thing ate my money!

    Yeah, clearly most stores don't give a crap and from that assumption, not profitable. Then again, I think Babies-R-Us has diapers in their restroom as well.

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    This sort of thing? But a more range of sizes

    One like the usual sweet/crisps(chips) machine wouldn't be such a good idea. Seeing a vending machine with just diapers in it is kinda odd :P Not to us, but to most others lol.

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