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Thread: New but not too shy!

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    Default New but not too shy!

    My name is Dee. Ive been on and off with TB/DL feelings. I still feel like I'm alone with it all, even though theres an enormous amount of people online that share my feelings, but I dont want to tell people around. Fearing theyll think im strange/weird or sick. I originally bought diapers because I was wetting the bed and didnt want anyone to know and it just escaladed from there. I wore them at night for a while, then I began to love diapers, wore out of my home a couple of times, but you know how sometimes you feel people are pointing and staring, even though their not. I looked around on the net a little while, and I've NEVER posted. EVER! This is my first posting after 4 years of these on/off feelings. I feel like I'm new to everything but I'm also more experienced than some others because I've been shoving these feelings around for quite a few years. But anyways, I guess I'm just saying hey and I'm new to the community. So Hi!

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    Welcome, Realy great first post, But we are also about other stuff here to. What kind of hobbies do you have?

    I like palying video games. Latly I've been laid back on that thought. An reading books like terry goodkind ` Sword of truth.

    But I've jsut been working to much latly....

    Well nice to meet you none the less

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    Welcome to ADISC ^_^

    Congratulations on making the huge step of making your first post. It can be hard but you have done really well. However, like seige said, we talk about more than just diapers here, so maybe you'd like to share anything else about you that you feel comfortable with?

    Hope you enjoy your time here!

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    A huge welcome to ADISC!

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    Welcome! You're definitely not alone here!

    Like they said, tell us a little bit about your hobbies! =D I'm also into video games, a little more competitively though. I'm currently participating in three leagues in two different games. I'm also playing baseball every night of the week. I am a pitcher, and a third basemen. I'm on three teams, one being an all star team, another being a team for varsity/college players.

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    Hi...and bye!

    Here's a lesson to learn:
    Next time you sign up with a website that says in big bold red letters "People who lie about their age will be banned permanently", grab your passport and copy your date of birth off that official document. Then you'll avoid what has just happened to you! Oh, and you're the only person I know who supposedly celebrates their birthday on New Year's Day!


    P.S.: Thread closed!

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