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    Last fall I took up duck hunting. One of the things I realized on the first time out was that going pee would be an issue. I am a guy so the standing there doing it isn't the issue. But having to roll down the waders, and dig through all the layers of clothing is a pain plus it is freezing that time of year. Then there is the fact that I am in the middle of a field with nothing to go behind and I just really don't like peeing out in front of everybody.

    So after a little thought I had one of those "duh" moments and decided to try diapering up before I went. I have been into diapers as long as I can remember and had really gotten into a dl lifestyle while in college. However, I hadn't worn at all since getting married in March of last year. So before the next hunting trip I snuck out and bought some diapers. Since I was leaving well before the crack of dawn, diapering without my wife knowing was no problem. The diaper worked great, and since it was under many layers of clothing and a set of waders there was no chance of it being noticed (although I am well past the paranoia of wearing in public, no one is paying attention). So I have begun diapering up for most of my duck hunting trips. Might do it for deer hunting if I have a place to put on and take off, but usually there are too many people in the cabin.

    This also provides me a good excuse if my wife ever finds my diapers before I work up the courage to tell her about them. I just keep them in the closet in a bag with all my other hunting gear.

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    Deer are more prescient than ducks. It wouldn't do to smell like diapers, human urine and excrement.

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    Great idea! That really is a "duh" kind of thing. But it's good that you thought of that.

    And I am going to agree with harris on this one. Deer have good sniffers. =/

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    Hmm duck hunting in diaper, Now why didn't I think of that lol. Well I dont duck hunt :\

    But if I go fishing I like to put on a diaper, I noramly fish alone, so no chance of getting caught.

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    The only Duck Hunting I've done while diapered was via Nintendo.

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    Actuallly wearing while fishing isnt a bad idea either. One in some lakes its illegal to pee in them and if your seen it can be also consid public exposure. Two just finding a spot with no one around on lakes like kentucky and barkley is nearly impossible as there are houses surrounding the lake. Three I have made a 45-1 hour run with a full bladder in 3 foot rollers and it wasnt very comfortamble about lost it a few time when I hit some rouge waves going about 50mph and launching the boat out of the water(I was in a tournament at the time so no time to stop and use the restroom). Fourth actually using the restroom while fishing can leave a scent on your hands that the fish can smell. Finally if you are in a tournament between messing with crowds at the ramp and weighing in sometimes you cant even use it then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harry3220 View Post
    One in some lakes its illegal to pee in them...

    Yeah... right.

    Please quote me a law where it is illegal to urinate into a lake. All the wild animals do it.

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    DF....its prolly Ohio you cant park your car in your driveway unless its just think about that

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