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Thread: Am i the only person who does this?

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    Default Am i the only person who does this?

    Is there anyone else who likes to masterbate after you take off a diaper?

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    Uhhh...I'm sure you will find yourself in the majority on this one. I wouldn't worry about it.

    I often do, especially a diaper I've used for its intended purpose.

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    Umm ok i think this should be in the mature topics but whatever.

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    Since you're new why don't you post an introduction so we can get to know you?

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    Thread moved to mature topics. Teen Baby wasn't the right place for it.

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    Let me begin by saying something to NINJApeteXX:

    Welcome to the forums. While the question itself isn't bad in my opinion. We prefer to get to know people first so I'd kindly like to request you to post a thread in the greetings and introductions forum, that way we can all get to know you and answer your questions better and easier. There are also some stickies in the Greetings and introductions forum explaining what you should put in an introduction and how you can best behave to the group of people that make up this forum.

    Now to the rest:

    The original questions wasn't bad at all, the way you guys dealt with it WAS. What was so bad about his question. If you think your reason can validate your post please PM me because I'd love to know what spawned such hatred reactions. In stead of doing things like this you could also have kindly pointed out it'd be best if he first made a thread on the introductions forum so that he would be accepted into the forums before making a thread like this.

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