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Thread: Problem with installing linux

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    Default Problem with installing linux

    Ok so the last time I installed linux Ubuntu and other ones, it gave me the chocie to istalled with windows. Now it only says Use entire HD or Advanced.

    I have no clue what I am doing so I wont try Advanced. Any help.

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    yeah advanced is if you want to partition your drive manually and then install windows on that partition.. If you want full blown Ubuntu just go ahead and use the "use entire HDD".

    option #2: If you already have windows and would just like to have ubuntu on the side then I would suggest using Wubi it installs Ubuntu like a program in windows... Works great and if you don't like Windows u can then just go into add/remove programs and remove ubuntu... No harm no foul...

    Hope that helps..

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    No problem I just got a brand new computer and installing ubuntu so im learning it as i go along and just so happened I did loads of research for myself and I'm glad it helped you..

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    If you have other computers @ home that have windows you might wanna try Samba it connects the computers with a network so that you can login from a computer in your house providing you have a password and get files from your computer. (i.e. movies...I love movies, especially in diapers no need to pause anymore lol)

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